The Y2J Plan

The Y2J Plan

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Chris Jericho is back, and he has vowed to save us from WWE Champion Randy Orton. Everyone rejoiced at the second coming of Y2J -- except Orton, whose "Passing the Torch" ceremony last week was ruined by Jericho.

What will happen this week when Raw heads to Charlotte, N.C., and both are in the same building live? Y2J has promised to take Orton's WWE Championship as soon as he gets a chance, while the Legend Killer vowed to give him a beating and send him back into his sabbatical.

Jericho's career presumably ended in 2005 when he lost a You're Fired Match to then-WWE Champion John Cena. During his two-year absence, the "Ayatollah of Rock ‘n' Rolla" pursued various projects in Hollywood and wrote a New York Times best-selling autobiography, A Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex. But he always kept his eye on WWE and waited until the time was right for his "2ND_COMING" -- and that time is apparently now.

Orton is incensed at Jericho's return. The egotistical WWE Champion believes he should command the spotlight as the standard bearer of WWE. He has attempted to bask in what he believes is his rightful limelight since No Mercy in October when he was first awarded the WWE Championship. Instead, he has seen legendary Superstars challenge his place on center stage. First, Triple H briefly took the WWE Title away from him and then a vengeful-minded Shawn Michaels pushed him to the limit.

Orton arrogantly thought he had vanquished all his competition when he defeated HBK at Survivor Series and arranged his own "Passing the Torch" ceremony. He never imagined that Jericho would return and crash his party and set his sights on the WWE Championship.

Y2J and the Legend Killer appear to be on a collision course. What will be the next step in Jericho's return? And will Orton do anything to mark his territory in WWE? Tune in to Raw Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network and find out.

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