'Me ... want ... title match!'

'Me ... want ... title match!'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Chris Jericho's Y2J plan to "save us" appears to be on schedule.

 Last week, Jericho returned to "save us" from WWE Champion Randy Orton and vowed to take his WWE Title the first opportunity he got. Tonight, he enraged the Legend Killer when he cost Orton the chance to retire Ric Flair and appeared to be baiting him into a title match. (After Raw ended: See WWE Mobile Exclusive)

Jericho seems to have done his homework on Orton. He seems to already know how to press the third-generation Superstar's buttons -- by bruising his massive ego and taking away his spotlight. Last week, he spoiled Orton's "Passing the Torch" Ceremony with his second coming. Tonight, he foiled his chance to retire the legend of legends, Flair. (WATCH)

Earlier the Chairman told Flair that the next match the 16-time World Champion loses  -- whether it be by disqualification, pinfall or submission on Raw, ECW, SmackDown or on pay-per-view -- will be his last. He would be forced to retire, and his glorious 30-year career would end. (WATCH)

Orton immediately challenged Flair, his former mentor in Evolution and a man he grew up watching, to a Career Threatening Match. In Orton's mind, the opportunity to end the Nature Boy's career in his own hometown was a chance to further cement his already-impressive legacy.

But once again, to Orton's chagrin, Y2J rained on his parade. Just as Jericho has vowed to "save us," he saved Flair from retirement. His distraction of Orton enabled Flair to give the Legend Killer a low blow and roll him up for a miraculous three-count. (Relive the action in this photo gallery)

Orton breathed fire through his nose as he glared back at Jericho. Tonight, before a raucous Charlotte faithful crowd holding Y2J signs and chanting, "Y2J! Y2J!" Jericho sparked laughter when he wondered why Orton had not responded to his challenge from last week. He even suspected that Orton was too stupid to understand the question. With the help of some visual aids (and a very inventive use of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster), Jericho "Ortonized" his request: "Me … want … title match!" (WATCH)

But laughs aside, Jericho means serious business. In the ring, he looked like he hadn't lost a step when he defeated former Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella in his first match in more than two years. He even introduced a new devastating finishing maneuver on Marella, a jawbuster called the Codebreaker. Watch out Orton, Y2J's second coming could mean the end of your reign. You're not on the list of people he wants to save.

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