Win or go home - for good

Win or go home - for good

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Contrary to rumors that circulated around the Charlotte Bobcats Arena, Ric Flair emphatically told his hometown faithful tonight that he would "never retire." But unfortunately for the "Nature Boy," if Mr. McMahon and WWE Champion Randy Orton have their way, his career won't end on his own terms and could come to a close tonight.

Later tonight, Flair will face Orton in a Career Threatening Match. Per order of Mr. McMahon, the next match the 16-time World Champion loses  -- whether it be by disqualification, pinfall or submission on Raw, ECW, SmackDown or on pay-per-view -- will be his last. He will be forced to retire, and his glorious 30-year career will end.

Orton, the Legend Killer, leapt at the chance to face Flair, his former mentor in Evolution and undoubtedly the legend of legends. Every match Flair fights now will be a battle for his life. "Naitch" has always wanted to end his career on his own terms, but unfortunately, Mr. McMahon wants to control his destiny.

Flair has made an entire career out of defying the odds. He has won championships long after so-called experts thought he was past his prime. No matter what happens tonight, the Nature Boy will fight until the end and no one -- not even Orton -- can truly kill Flair's legend.

Stay with Raw and as Flair battles Orton -- and for the rest of his career -- in a Career Threatening Match later tonight.


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