Partnership Dissolved

Partnership Dissolved

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - As a tag team, Triple H & Jeff Hardy appeared to have burned through all five gears and shifted their partnership into overdrive. On Monday Night Raw, their combination of brute strength and aerial excellence coalesced to form a powerful machine that rolled over their worthy opponents, Umaga & Snitsky.

But before the engine even had time to cool, William Regal stepped forth and pulled the plug. The Raw General Manager arranged a match between The Game and the "Rainbow-haired Warrior" at Armageddon. (Photos)

"Stepping into the ring with Triple H will be an honor," Jeff said on Raw. "We've been on an incredible roll since Survivor Series. I just hope what happens at Armageddon doesn't ruin our friendship."

While the crack in Hardy's tattooed facade may warm the cockles of many a heart, from the sound of things, Triple H doesn't exactly share the sentiment.

"I've never been good at the 'friends' thing, Jeff," Triple H told Hardy. "Just remember, at Armageddon, you're not stepping into the ring with a partner. You're not stepping into the ring with a friend. You're stepping into the ring with The Game."

The two had first begun firing on all cylinders during the Traditional Elimination Match at Survivor Series. At the end of the match, Hardy helped dispose of Umaga, allowing both he and Triple H to remain the last men standing.

Then, last week, Hardy appeared on the verge of defeating Umaga again. But just as the Intercontinental Champion prepared to seal the match with a Swanton Bomb, Snitsky charged into the ring and began raining blows down on him. The giant ogre, Snitsky, has since stated that he has his sights dead set on the Intercontinental Championship. Seizing the opportunity to punish Umaga, Triple H shot into the ring and helped Hardy fend off the twin terrors.

Now, it seems, the two men who worked so well together must match up their respective strengths against one another. Will Hardy be able to overcome Triple H's significant strength advantage? Or will Triple H be able to ground the high-flying attack launched by Hardy?

To find out, tune in to Armageddon, live on pay-per-view, Sunday, Dec. 16 at 8/7 CT.

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