WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video

WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video

Chris Jericho spoiled a potential moment of glory for Randy Orton when he foiled the WWE Champion's forced retirement plans for Ric Flair and helped the "Nature Boy" defeat the Legend Killer Monday night on Raw.

Y2J has made no secret that he wants an opportunity at Orton's WWE Championship. And now it appears as though Jericho's actions have landed him that golden opportunity, as Orton has accepted Y2J's challenge.

Orton agreeing to Y2J's challenge happened Monday night after Raw went off the air. This exclusive footage can only be seen by subscribers to WWE Mobile on AT&T. Don't miss Orton's angry acceptance.

If you are not a subscriber to WWE Mobile, you missed seeing the exclusive footage. Here's your opportunity to see what you missed. WATCH the video now. 

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