Breaking Down in Baltimore

With the NFL's Baltimore Ravens arriving in droves to watch the best in sports-entertainment battle it out one week before Survivor Series, the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore was a scene of utter chaos and complete destruction.

As reported, all the Survivor Series teams were in attendance. And with all of the teams in Traditional Survivor Series Matches this Sunday standing face to face as Raw began, the volatility became too much for the arena to contain.

In the main event made by Mr. McMahon, all eight captains took turns showcasing what their teams will do at Survivor Series. WWE Champion John Cena teamed with DX and Ric Flair to take on ECW World Champion Big Show, Rated-RKO, and Kenny of the Spirit Squad in an 8-Man Survivor Series Captains' Tag Team Match.

While Cena's team emerged victorious after The Champ slammed Kenny with a monstrous FU, the night didn't end there. As the WWE Champion's music reverberated throughout the arena, the other Superstars and Extremists that will compete at Survivor Series rushed to the ring where all hell broke loose. After seeing a 30 man brawl at the end of Raw, what kind of mayhem will take place in the city of Brotherly Love? 

But the monumental main event wasn't all the WWE Chairman announced.

"I guarantee it will be a night you never forget," McMahon declared.

And it wasn't just the main event that lived up to the Chairman's word. There were other Superstars and Divas looking to prove a point before this Sunday's pay-per-view.

Lita had some startling news for her opponent Mickie James and WWE fans: she's leaving after her Women's Championship Match with Mickie at Survivor Series. Citing the lack of respect she receives from WWE fans, Superstars and Divas alike, the Women's Champion was unwavering in her choice to walk away from the world of sports-entertainment.

She used Raw as a means to attempt to intimidate Mickie one last time before their Survivor Series battle. Following the tone of weeks prior, Lita was able to choose a stipulation for her match with Mickie. Instead of having Mickie's legs shackled or having one arm tied behind her back, Lita chose to blindfold her opponent.

Last week, Mickie was able to overcome her handicap (with some help from DX), but this time she had no such luck. After a devastating beating and a top-rope Moonsault, Lita covered Mickie for the pinfall.

After the three-count, Lita made her future plans known:

"Without me there would be no Mickie James, without me there would be no Trish Stratus. So you're going to make my job real easy to forget about all you people; at Survivor Series I'm going to do one better than Trish Stratus," chided Lita. "I'm gonna walk into Survivor Series, beat Mickie James, and walk out the Women's Champion. Then I'm walking away. Survivor Series is my last match. I'm going to retire and I'm going to retire the greatest Women's Champion of all time."

After last week's assault on Jeff Hardy with a ladder, Johnny Nitro looked to regain the Intercontinental Championship he had lost last week on Raw. However, with no Ladder Match experience, he felt the backlash of a high-flying Jeff Hardy.

Prior to the match, Nitro and Melina said their "win" would be dedicated to K-Fed -- who's slated to take on John Cena on the Jan. 1 edition of Raw. K-Fed will be looking for a different outcome than his friend Nitro, however.

Nitro surprised many in his first Ladder Match, using the ladder as a weapon and coming close on various attempts to reclaim the Intercontinental Title. However, it was Hardy's experience and heart that allowed him climb the ladder and overcome Nitro's challenge. The Intercontinental Champion pinned Nitro down to the mat with a ladder long enough to grab the title.

While Hardy won the match, both Superstars paid the price with their bodies. Now the question remains: how will either of these Superstars bounce back and recover in time for Survivor Series this Sunday? Nitro may get more rest, as Jeff has been invited to team with his brother Matt on ECW on Sci Fi this Tuesday. Will Jeff have any fight left for Philly?

In other action pitting Survivor Series opponents against each other, Umaga kept his undefeated streak alive by dismantling ECWs' Sabu with a deadly Samoan Spike.

Also, Spirit Squad Captain Kenny chose Squad member Nicky to take on Dusty Rhodes. The "American Dream" was able to get the victory against Nicky, which no doubt angered Kenny. Later, the Squad found out that Ron Simmons will replace the injured "Rowdy" Roddy Piper on Flair's team.

Carlito was all smiles as Torrie Wilson almost smothered him with a huge hug when the Caribbean Superstar came to Torrie's defense when Chris Masters' vulgar advances crossed the line. But Carlito wasn't smiling for very long after Masters clinched a Master Lock on the Caribbean Superstar. If not for Jerry "The King" Lawler, Carlito may still be writhing in pain from the "Masterpiece."

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