J.R.'s Superstar of the Week

Greetings from under the 200X, black, Resistol hat from an Okie who LOVES Thanksgiving and all that it is about!

This week's Raw Superstar of the Week is perhaps not everyone's ideal prom date because of her actions in recent times, but our esteemed panel of experts, especially those that were sober, have selected LITA for this week's Raw Superstar of the Week. We will have more on Lita in mere moments.

Here in the States we celebrate Thanksgiving and for many Americans it is the favorite holiday of the year. Count me in that group. Food, family, friends, football, naps and more food makes for a great day. We also get a break to count our many blessings.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here is a somewhat different look at what I was thankful for after watching a replay of Monday Night Raw from Baltimore:

I was thankful to see so many new faces appear on Raw from ECW and SmackDown right off the bat of the program. New faces and seeing new Superstars evolve is vital to the success of the business and exciting to observe.

I am thankful the Raw, SmackDown, and ECW Superstars did not break into an impromptu song and dance number after declaring what each was going to do to the other come Sunday's Survivor Series. It might have ended up like the song and dance fight I remember from the classic movie "Blazing Saddles" back in the day.

I am thankful we did not have to hear Armando Alejandro Estrada speak, ha-ha, prior to the undefeated Umaga treating ECW's Sabu like a government mule Monday night. Do you think the Kool-Aid-making Paul Heyman lost another hair follicle or two after seeing Sabu get physically overwhelmed by a much larger Umaga Monday night in Baltimore?

I am thankful to have the vision left to be able to get a great look at the red-hot Torrie Wilson, who has never looked better in my humble opinion with her hands wrapped around a massive gun, all the while having a smile on her face. I am also thankful that we did not have to endure The Masterpiece any longer than we did thanks to Carlito, who HAD to get some sympathy affection from Torrie, and The King who still has enough gas in the tank to beat the powerful Masters.

I am thankful K-Fed was handling divorce issues and not on Raw to join forces with Johnny "Don't Call Me Monday" Nitro and his "she likes to be horizontal friend" Melina.

I am thankful that WWE did a DVD on the AWA, which all wrestling fans should check out. The AWA was all about wrestling and personal issues back in the day, based out of Minneapolis and gave a TON of stars their break.

I am thankful that Jeff Hardy and Nitro, in the best match of the night, did not maim each other and that both are alive to compete another day.

I would be thankful if Melina got laryngitis and we could x-nay the "primal screams".

I am thankful for the Undertaker's magnificent career, which started in WWE 16 years ago this week.

I am thankful Dusty Rhodes did not wrestle in tights and that the Spirit Squad members not involved in the Dusty-Nicky match "no showed".

I am thankful that the main event did not "Break Down In Baltimore" before a winner was decided.

I am thankful that Kenny (Sadly No last Name) was provided the opportunity to "eat at the grown up table" when Kenny teamed with Big Show, Randy Orton and Edge.

Finally, I am thankful for the long and productive career Lita has had in WWE and the many personal and professional challenges she has overcome, including career threatening neck surgery. Lita has been one of the most reliable Superstars in WWE and one of the hardest working. Sunday at the Survivor Series, win or lose, is Lita's last match for the foreseeable future in WWE. I wish her well. She is a credit to all WWE Superstars and should be looked at as a role model for WWE Divas that follow her.

Notwithstanding the fact that Lita is definitely controversial, her WWE career has been stellar and now the question remains can Lita end her "run" in WWE like Trish Stratus did back in September by winning her last match and retiring as WWE Women's Champion? Lita's influence in the Women's division will be long remembered. It is hard for me to believe that yours truly hired Lita while I was managing the talent roster in the WWE more than seven years ago. Where does the time go? Love her or hate her, Lita has left her mark on WWE and it will never be erased.

I am thankful that I will have the opportunity to be on Oklahoma's sideline this Saturday on FOX Sports for the annual Bedlam Battle between OU and Oklahoma State, the alma mater of the famous Brisco Brothers.

I am also thankful that you read my space here every week on WWE.com and that you continue to support my efforts on Raw and at WWE pay-per-views so enthusiastically after all these years. I can't put into words how much your support means to me. Please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Now that I am contractually obligated to WWE for another year, I enthusiastically look forward to our best year yet and will do my utmost best to not let any of you down that tune in to watch WWE's flagship broadcast with over 700 episodes under our belt, Monday Night Raw.

Be well and I hope you enjoy the 20th Edition of the Survivor Series!



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