Small favors, big troubles?

Small favors, big troubles?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The Irish have historically proven to be a proud and loyal band, quick to do battle for an ally. In the case of Finlay, however, could such a seemingly steadfast devotion to his fellow Irishman, Hornswoggle, yield mixed results?

Last night at Survivor Series, the man who loves to fight charged into the ring wildly swinging his shillelagh at Hornswoggle's opponent, The Great Khali. Just as the 7-foot-3 Punjabi Nightmare prepared to vanquish the 4-foot-4 Hornswoggle, Finlay rescued his old cohort and laid a collection of welts on Khali's towering frame.

Sunday night's actions surprised many observers, as Finlay is not known for his heroics. And he didn't do it to please our fans. He couldn't care less about what you think. However, tonight, the Irishman performed an encore. This time, the target of his wrath was Hornswoggle's opponent, Carlito, who had hoped to teach the leprechaun a lesson in tough love, with the blessing of the little bastard's father, Mr. McMahon.

So, what's gotten into the feisty Irishman to cause him to risk life and limb in the ring to help Hornswoggle? Is he motivated by a sense of loyalty to his one-time associate, who has helped to save him in tight situations on more than one occasion? Or is Finlay receiving orders to save Hornswoggle's bacon from on high?

Mr. McMahon's reaction seems equally indecipherable. His eyebrow-raising response could signal either disapproval or knowing consent. And if the Chairman had been hoping to rid himself of Hornswoggle once and for all, what sort of repercussions might Finlay expect? Or will the Irishman be rewarded for his loyalty and bravery for saving the Chairman's son?

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