Shut Up-a You Face!

Shut Up-a You Face! would like to offer Santino Marella a bit of friendly advice: Just keep your mouth shut.

The hot-blooded grappler continues to talk a game that his body simply hasn't been able to play. It hasn't been a good two weeks for poor Santino. Two weeks ago in Los Angeles, he took a beer bath, compliments of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in payback for his ongoing insults about The Rattlesnake's movie The Condemned.  Then last week in Topeka, Kan., thanks to his unruly pie hole, Marella not only found himself on the business end of a sturdy punch from Jerry "The King" Lawler, but also lost a match to the WWE Hall of Famer. (WATCH)

However, none of this has stopped Marella from challenging Lawler to a rematch tonight on Raw.

The trouble between Marella and The King started when the bitter Italian, still fuming over his humiliating beer bath, called out Austin. Perhaps knowing that Austin was nowhere near the building, he directed his anger at Stone Cold's friend, Raw announcer Jim Ross. Lawler then intervened on his Raw announce team cohort's behalf, leading to the match between him and the former Intercontinental Champion.

If Marella expected an easy victory over Raw's color commentator last week, he was sadly mistaken. However, the fiery Italian still believes Lawler should have minded his own business.

"Jerry Lawler sticks his nose in where it did not belong," fumed Marella. "This was-a between me and-a ‘Cold Stone' Steve Austin and then the J.R."

Will Marella's fortunes change when he meets The King again tonight on Raw? Tune in to Monday Night Raw tonight at 9/8 CT on USA Network and find out.

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