Orton to Y2J: Save yourself!

Orton to Y2J: Save yourself!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Chris Jericho has told the world that he has returned to WWE to save our fans from the boring, the mundane and most of all, WWE Champion Randy Orton. But the third-generation Superstar has a warning for Y2J: Be more concerned about saving yourself from a beating that only a Legend Killer can give.

"The only thing Chris Jericho said about me was that I was boring, that I have a monotone voice, [and] that I'm not entertaining," Orton said. "Well, I'll tell you what -- I'm not in the entertainment business. What I do is sometimes entertaining -- I kick people's faces off. I end careers. But what I do [best] is win matches.

"So, if Chris Jericho ever wants to put on his gear and face me in that ring, in a match and not a verbal sparring session, I will be there waiting," Orton continued. "And I will defeat Chris Jericho."

The egotistical WWE Champion is clearly annoyed. Orton believes he should command the spotlight as the standard bearer of WWE. He has attempted to bask in what he believes is his rightful limelight since No Mercy in October when he was first awarded the WWE Championship. Instead, he has seen legendary Superstars challenge his place on center stage. First, Triple H briefly took the WWE Title away from him and then a vengeful-minded Shawn Michaels pushed him to the limit.

Orton arrogantly thought he had vanquished all his competition when he defeated HBK at Survivor Series and arranged his own "Passing the Torch Ceremony." He never imagined that Jericho -- who turned out to be behind the mysterious encrypted videos that heralded his "second coming" -- would return after a two-year absence, crash his party and set his sights on the WWE Championship. (Watch: Jericho's return)

A lot has changed since Jericho was last in WWE. Back in 2005, though he was already a former World Heavyweight Champion, Orton was still considered an up-and-comer and the future. While Jericho rested and pursued projects in Hollywood, Orton matured in the ring. Two years later, the future is now, and the Legend Killer seems to have cemented his spot atop the WWE mountain.

Jericho's extended time off is just one reason Orton believes he would defeat him if they ever cross paths in the squared circle.

"You can't take a couple years off in this industry. Taking a couple years off is like taking off a couple of decades," he said. "I'm no longer an up-and-comer. I've made my foothold here. What greater accomplishment could I have than being a three-time world champion and the youngest World Heavyweight Champion of all time? I'll tell you: Beating everyone who thinks they're good enough to come back. I'm young, I'm in shape and I'm hungry."

But so is Jericho. More than anyone, WWE's first Undisputed World Champion knows how to make an impact. WWE greats such as Triple H, Shawn Michaels and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin could tell Orton that. The second coming of Y2J could mean the end of days for the Legend Killer's championship reign.

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