Proud papa?

Proud papa?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- How does Mr. McMahon feel after his 4-foot-4 bastard, Hornswoggle, survived the greatest mismatch of all-time against the monstrous 7-foot-3 Great Khali at Survivor Series?

It was difficult to interpret the Chairman's reaction when his illegitimate son's old friend, a shillelagh-wielding Finlay, interfered in his match and saved him from a squashing. One eyebrow was arched and he had the hint of a smirk on his face. Was he impressed? Surprised? Disgusted?

Some may say that the Chairman should be proud of his illegitimate son. After all, Hornswoggle proved tonight he is a chip off the ol' McMahon by facing -- literally -- his biggest challenge, even though he did receive some timely help. The little leprechaun showed he had the testicles the size of grapefruits, just like his old man. In short, Hornswoggle showed that he is one tough Irish bastard.

But could Mr. McMahon be disappointed after his son's performance at Survivor Series? The Chairman said he wanted Hornswoggle to stand on his own two feet. He wanted to toughen him up with his own extreme brand of tough love.

"I put you in this match for one reason -- you are a McMahon," the Chairman told Hornswoggle before the match. "A McMahon always rises to the occasion, overcomes the odds. As a McMahon, you are a fearless warrior. You have grapefruits the size of the Grand Canyon."

Well, the smallest McMahon, with half-brother Shane and his dad at ringside, showed he is a warrior. But if Mr. McMahon is disappointed -- or angry -- about the match, will he have yet another test for Hornswoggle? Some observers have questioned why he arranged Hornswoggle's matchup with The Great Khali in the first place. Some speculate that the Chairman really wanted to get rid of Hornswoggle once and for all and wasn't really interested in building his confidence. If that's the case, will Finlay suffer any repercussions for his actions? And why did he get involved in Hornswoggle's battle with Khali anyway?

Hornwoggle has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. He should count his lucky charms. Tune in to Raw and SmackDown this week and witness the fallout from Hornswoggle and Khali's controversial battle.

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