Jeff Hardy on fire with The Game on his side

Jeff Hardy on fire with The Game on his side

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- An exhausted Intercontinental Champion sat in a corner of the locker room of the BankAtlantic Center last Monday night, pausing to reflect on a whirlwind weekend.

Jeff Hardy had been through hell and back. That night, as he was being brutalized by Umaga and Snitsky, Triple H came to his aid. At Survivor Series the night before, the two somehow managed to snatch victory from seemingly certain defeat when they overcame a 5-on-2 advantage to overcome Umaga's team in the Traditional Elimination Match.

Hardy's team was dealt a crippling blow when his brother Matt was unable to compete due to injuries suffered on SmackDown at the hands of MVP. Then-teammates Kane and Rey Mysterio were eliminated early in the match

But Triple H and Jeff overcame the odds -- and had each others' backs against Snitsky and Umaga. Their recent combined efforts in the ring have turned heads, and they'll need that kind of trust and chemistry when they face Umaga & Snitsky this Monday night on Raw.

"Triple H and I have teamed a lot as of late, and we created a kind of chemistry. We got to know each other a little better," Jeff told "We make a hell of a team. You know when we were down 5-to-2 and all odds were against us, we came through and survived."

Jeff is no stranger to working in tandem with others. He's a six-time World Tag Team Champion with his brother Matt, and the two have created many highlight reel moments in WWE history, thanks to their cohesiveness and familiarity with each other.

The Master of the Swanton Bomb feels his familiarity with The King of Kings' work makes them a dangerous pair.

"I watched him a lot before I ever made it here. I was familiar with his style and his way of wrestling," he explained. "That always helps to know someone's background, especially when you get involved with teaming with them."

Knowing the past history of his teammates and opponents has helped Jeff Hardy succeed. He has won the Intercontinental Championship four times. And despite the attention that the champ has received from the deranged giant Snitsky, Jeff's hoping his recent hot streak continues, possibly taking him to the top of the championship ladder.

"As of now, everything is heading in the right direction … and I'm riding the wave where it takes me," he said. "It's my time to shine, and I'm going to shine for as long as I can."

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