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Hardy's rising stock has a backer

Hardy's rising stock has a backer

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy has been on an unbelievable roll lately, putting on a string of battles that have been as breathtaking as his Swanton Bombs. The "Rainbow-haired Warrior's" heroics have not gone unnoticed, particularly by one Superstar considered by some as the measuring stick by which all others are judged -- The Kings of Kings, Triple H.

Perhaps that's why The Game came to Hardy's aid when he was assaulted by two monsters, Snitsky and Umaga, after the high-flyer's match with the Samoan Bulldozer. They survived against all odds last night to win the Traditional Elimination Match at Survivor Series, and Hardy sought to continue his winning ways when he took on the dangerous Umaga in a non-title affair.

The final Superstar eliminated by Hardy & The Game last night, the still-steamed Samoan Bulldozer was motivated by revenge, hoping to put Hardy down with his powerful offensive arsenal. But the high-flying Hardy showed our fans and Umaga that his fast-paced style is not just unorthodox, but extremely successful.

As Jeff seized control of the match, and appeared on his way to a victory over Umaga, Snitsky suddenly made his way to the ring. The yellow-toothed ogre has gone the longest of any Superstar without being pinned in 2007; in fact he hasn't been pinned yet this year. Snitsky and Umaga combined their intimidating forces in an attempt to decimate Hardy, but Triple H stood in their way.

After the altercation, it was announced that next week on Raw, Triple H & Jeff Hardy will stand together once again when they face Snitsky & Umaga. Will the two Superstars find a way to survive yet again?

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