Mrrrr. Irate!

Mrrrr. Irate!

Mr. Kennedy has never been afraid to tell it like he thinks it is. And he's never been shy about disrespecting icons. But the fury and venom he directed towards Shawn Michaels last Monday on Raw raised the eyebrows of even the most jaded observers. (WATCH)

"I'm sick and tired of guys like Shawn Michaels holding everybody down because they've been in the business as long as they have," Kennedy fumed. "Just because he's accomplished as much as he has he automatically gets a free pass … he's had his chance at Randy Orton. He's had his chance at the WWE Title. It's my turn now."

If you think the loudmouth from Green Bay, Wis., is lobbying on behalf of younger Superstars who think HBK hogs the spotlight and refuses let other deserving contenders vie for the WWE Championship, you're mistaken. He's only speaking for himself and has really only been about himself since he debuted in WWE in 2005.

For more than two years, Kennedy has told everyone that he is the future of sports-entertainment. He has said that he is a World Champion in the making. In that short time, Kennedy has fostered world championship-esque credentials. He has defeated seven champions, including Undertaker, Rey Mysterio and current World Heavyweight Champion Batista. He has worn the United States Championship. And he won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 23 to win an opportunity at a world championship.

Perhaps that's why Kennedy was so angry when he interrupted HBK last Monday. The Showstopper asked one more opportunity at the WWE Championship after falling short at Survivor Series, and Orton rejected the request. Kennedy has whined about being allegedly cheated ever since he lost his Mr. Money in the Bank world championship due to injury and an opportunistic Edge. He hasn't been able to lasso a title opportunity while Michaels has received two since his own return -- and that has driven him to a boiling point.

 "Shawn Michaels, you see your career evaporating," Kennedy said on Raw. "You see young talent like myself, and you want to hold me down. But that is not going to happen. Father Time catches up with everyone. Father Time catches up with you. And I promise you that the next time we meet, you won't have to worry about Father Time. You'll have to worry about Mr. Kennedy." (WATCH)

However, Kennedy should be careful. The Showstopper seems to be driven and has grown tired of rising Superstars trying to build their careers at his expense. He made Kennedy taste Sweet Chin Music and a chair last week -- and he could very well do it again. After all, Kennedy's big mouth is one large bull's-eye.


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