Meet the Mexic-Am connection

Meet the Mexic-Am connection

Opposites attract -- it's practically a rule instead of an exception.

You've seen Felix and Oscar. You've watched rivals Matt Hardy and United States Champion MVP bicker their way to the WWE Tag Team Championships and a surprisingly successful reign on SmackDown. WWE has seen its share of odd couples and recently another most unlikely combination captured the imagination of our fans with their debut as a team on Raw. Ladies and gentlemen, meet a duo that can truly appeal to our fans on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border -- "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & Super Crazy.

"Hoooo!!!" "Siiii!!!" "Hoooo!!!" "Siiii!!!" These chants from Duggan and Crazy have rocked Heat on for weeks, and this tandem had almost the entire sold-out STAPLES Center in Los Angeles in the palm of its hands with its bilingual greeting call last Monday on Raw. Spurred on by the raucous 17,133 strong, red-white-and blue Duggan and high flying Mexican luchador Crazy scored what some experts considered an upset victory over former champions, the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team.

The in-ring chemistry between Duggan and Crazy is curious, especially since they literally don't speak each other's language. On the surface, they are as opposite as polar opposites can get. Duggan is from Glen Falls, N.Y.; Crazy calls Mexico his home. The big, rawboned Hacksaw prefers to use his ham hocks in good, old-fashioned brawls while Crazy is world-renowned for his somewhat maniacal, aerial assault.

But somehow, Duggan and Crazy get the job done in the ring.

"With Super Crazy doing the high flying stuff and me doing the kicking and punching, it makes for a great combination," Duggan said. "Now, if only we could communicate …"

Maybe they don't really need to. Or maybe they communicate just enough -- after all, they've defeated the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team. Our fans are in their corner. These two veterans are excited about a new opportunity in their career.

"Crazy has been around for a long time, too, and he knows that this [their tag team] is a good opportunity for the both of us," Duggan said. "In a singles match, there's no chance for timeouts or taking a breather. With a tag team partner, maybe ol' Hacksaw's career can be extended by a few years."


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