Vying for survival and a golden opportunity

Vying for survival and a golden opportunity

For three teams in the race for the World Tag Team Championships, it will be win or go home. This Thursday, in a match exclusively on WWE.com, The Highlanders, Paul London & Brian Kendrick and Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly will vie for the opportunity to face World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch at Survivor Series.

This is the opportunity that The Highlanders, cousins Rory & Robbie, have long awaited. Tired of being perceived as a "joke," Rory & Robbie have waged a campaign to be taken more seriously and become more aggressive in the ring. The Scotsmen have shown a mean streak in skirmishes with former WWE and World Tag Team Champions London & Kendrick and that they're not afraid to bend the rules. A victory in Thursday's match would give Rory & Robbie the opportunity they have craved.

Meanwhile, London & Kendrick know what gold tastes like, holding the WWE Tag Team Championship for almost a year on SmackDown, and briefly winning the World Tag Team gold from Cade & Murdoch in September. These high-flyers have unfinished business with Cade & Murdoch, but The Highlanders may stand in their way.

However, Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly are the X-factor in this matchup. Unlike longtime teams like The Highlanders and London & Kendrick, they are not a perfectly fine-tuned machine. They're not even really friends. Rhodes & Holly are perhaps more accustomed to being across the ring from each other, as they have fought around the world in battles for respect. Slowly these two appear to have developed a growing respect for one another and formed a team. This apparent emerging respect enabled Holly & Rhodes to gain an upset victory over the more experienced Self-Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team. Despite their relative inexperience as a team, Rhodes & Holly should not be underestimated.

Who will face Cade & Murdoch for the World Tag Team Championships at Survivor Series? Watch the match exclusively on WWE.com on Thursday and find out.

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