Nothing funny about these games

Nothing funny about these games

LOS ANGELES -- If you thought Randy Orton found nothing funny about a reunited DX before tonight, then he really didn't find any humor in Shawn Michaels by night's end -- especially after being knocked out by Sweet Chin Music again and pinned by his nemesis less than two weeks before their WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series.

HBK and DX partner Triple H were about fun and games when Raw began and they celebrated their one night only reunion with the sold out 17,133 strong in Los Angeles' STAPLES Center. But the laughter stopped when HBK and The Game locked eyes on their respective sworn enemies, Orton & Umaga, in their tag team match. Michaels especially was all business when he looked down on a fallen Orton after knocking him out cold with Sweet Chin Music for the fifth straight week. (WATCH)

While Orton has said he relishes the opportunity to finish the job he started back in May, when he put Michaels out with a severe concussion, he should be very careful. The Showstopper has put him to sleep with Sweet Chin Music seemingly at will.

But tonight was the first time Michaels had pinned Orton in a match, and given HBK's track record at Survivor Series, the Legend Killer's championship reign is in real jeopardy. Michaels has won two world championships at Survivor Series and earned three out of his four world titles with Sweet Chin Music. In other words, Sweet Chin Music has usually spelled sweet golden victory for Michaels in his illustrious career.

HBK has said his best vengeance on Orton, for nearly ending his career, would be taking his WWE Title. But is that enough? The Showstopper made it known that he wants to hurt Orton and put him out in the prime of his career. To Michaels, the WWE Championship may be second on his wish list in his war with Orton -- and that makes him very dangerous.

And that -- along with his pinfall loss -- may make Orton dangerous and desperate. After this one special night, DX will go its separate ways. Triple H will try to overcome the massive challenge of the 348-pound Umaga, who has become one of his most persistent and lethal enemies, and Michaels has his sights on Orton. If Orton doesn't find a way to combat Sweet Chin Music, his lights will be turned out again at Survivor Series on Nov. 18 and his party as WWE Champion will be over.

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