TAMPA, Fla. -- Raw's three-hour 800th episode celebration was an explosive event, with highly anticipated battles featuring D-Generation X, The Miz & John Morrison, Batista, Chris Jericho, and 16 of the Sexiest Women on Television. The night also brought with it huge changes as the end of the night found Raw with no General Manager and a new, but familiar World Heavyweight Champion. WATCH all the action now in the Raw Quick Cut and check out's exclusive ringside PHOTOS.

Chris Jericho def. Batista in a Steel Cage Match to become World Heavyweight Champion (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In the night's main event, Chris Jericho received a rematch against Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship he lost to The Animal at Cyber Sunday. The two Superstars faced off in a match where they had nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide inside a 15-foot steel cage. In spite of the thorough beating Jericho received at the hands of Batista little more than a week before, the first-ever Undisputed Champion managed to once again slip away with a win by way of his underhanded tactics, bludgeoning The Animal with a steel ring wrenched from the cage surrounding them.

Going into Survivor Series, Chris Jericho is once again World Heavyweight Champion, and as decreed by Shane McMahon, will defend his title against a returning John Cena. Shane's sister Stephanie was bothered that he would make the match without consulting her first, but both of Mr. McMahon's progeny agreed that they wished their father was there to enjoy the celebration of Raw's milestone 800th episode.

Kane & Mark Henry def. Rey Mysterio & World Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston; The Great Khali emerged to aid Mysterio (PHOTOS)
Rey Mysterio & World Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston put their high-flying and athletic maneuvers to the test on Raw as they faced off against the monstrous pair of Kane & Mark Henry. In spite of their speed and athleticism however, the Ultimate Underdog & the Jamaican Superstar were no match for the sheer mass and force of the Big Red Monster & the World's Strongest Man. But after the contest, a Superstar with matching power, The Great Khali, emerged and shocked the WWE Universe by defending Mysterio from Kane & Henry, and even helping the Master of the 619 deliver his signature maneuver.

Undertaker def. JBL by count-out; Shawn Michaels threw JBL back into the ring, where Undertaker hit him with a Tombstone Piledriver (PHOTOS)
When JBL was put in a match against SmackDown's Undertaker, he put on a brave face. However, when it came time for the self-proclaimed "wrestling god" to actually face The Deadman, he wasn't quite as courageous, allowing himself to be counted out, giving Undertaker the win. Before JBL could fully retreat back to the locker room area, however, he was accosted by Shawn Michaels. Furious at the Longhorn Loudmouth for assaulting him prior to their tag match last week, HBK threw Layfield back into the ring where Undertaker hit him with a Tombstone Piledriver.

World Tag Team Champion CM Punk def. Randy Orton by a disqualification due to interference from Priceless (PHOTOS)
World Tag Team Champion CM Punk came to his match against Randy Orton eager to exact revenge for Orton causing him to lose the World Heavyweight Championship months ago. As the match progressed however, the team of Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes & Manu, emerged with a score of their own to settle, bitter over losing the World Tag Team Titles to Punk & Kofi Kingston the week before. DiBiase assaulted the Straightedge Superstar, causing the match to end in a disqualification. Orton was enraged that the third-generation Superstar caused him to lose the match, and punted DiBiase in the head as retaliation before making his way back to the locker room area. Later, Orton explained to a livid Cody Rhodes & Manu that the punt he dealt out to DiBiase was not only revenge for them interrupting his match, but also an attempt to kick some sense into the three competitors.

Women's Champion Beth Phoenix, Layla, Katie Lea Burchill, Jillian, Maryse, Natalya, Victoria & Lena Yada def. Mae Young, Divas Champion Michelle McCool, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle, Eve, Brie Bella & Tiffany. (PHOTOS)
Raw's 800th episode celebration was also the setting for the biggest Divas competition in WWE history, a 16-Diva Tag Team Match. After the Divas made their entrance, the referee noticed that the team of Divas Champion Michelle McCool, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle, Eve, Brie Bella & Tiffany was short by one competitor. Luckily, WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young made her way to the ring, rounding out the team. Showing a complete lack of respect for the ring legend, Women's Champion Beth Phoenix rolled up an unsuspecting Young, pinning her for the win.

D-Generation X def. The Miz & John Morrison (PHOTOS)
As announced on Raw last week, The Miz & John Morrison, the self-proclaimed "greatest team of the 21st century," faced D-Generation X as part of Raw's 800th episode celebration. Prior to the match, Triple H & Shawn Michaels retaliated against Miz & Morrison for mocking them on ECW last week. Afterward, the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" & the Shaman of Sexy made their entrance and proceeded to give The Game & HBK a much tighter, competitive match than perhaps the ring legends had bargained for. In the end, however, D-Generation X maintained their status as one of WWE's premier tag teams, defeating the "Dirt Sheet" duo.

Following the match, JBL pitched himself as the new Raw General Manager to Shane McMahon. While Shane didn't give the self-made millionaire the position he wanted, he did put Layfield in a match against The Phenom himself, Undertaker, for later that night.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Charlie "The Hit Man" Haas (PHOTOS)
Charlie Haas, continuing his trend of impersonating WWE Superstars, set his sights on WWE Hall of Famer Bret "The Hit Man" Hart. Despite declaring himself "the best there is, best there was and best there ever will be," Charlie "The Hit Man" Haas was unable to stand up to the relentless assault of SmackDown's undefeated Vladimir Kozlov, who meets Undertaker this Friday on SmackDown.

Mike Adamle resigns as General Manager; Randy Orton, fully healed, to face CM Punk on Raw (PHOTOS)
Shane McMahon appeared on Raw to address Randy Orton's ultimatum that either General Manager Mike Adamle goes, or he does. Before Shane could make his decision however, Adamle himself approached, regretting his behavior from the week before, when he slapped Orton as a response to insults directed at his family and character. The General Manager went on to resign from his position, leaving Randy Orton and Shane McMahon in the ring. Shane then addressed Orton, revealing that the recuperating Superstar had actually already been medically cleared to compete. As the Legend Killer's first match back, Shane set a contest between him and the Superstar Orton punted in the head, costing him the World Heavyweight Title: CM Punk. Later in the evening, former GM Mike Adamle took a moment to speak with Stephanie McMahon, blaming her megalomaniacal tendencies for his resignation.

William Regal won an Eight-Man Battle Royal to earn a title match against Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella next week (PHOTOS)
In order to determine who should receive an Intercontinental Championship opportunity, a Battle Royal was held between Cryme Tyme, Jamie Noble, Snitsky, William Regal and Priceless. Though he was in the ring with two prominent tag teams, Regal managed to be the last Superstar left in the ring, throwing Ted DiBiase over the top rope after the "Priceless" Superstar eliminated both of his tag team partners, Cody Rhodes & Manu. Fittingly, the 2008 King of the Ring will compete against Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella next week, in Regal's homeland of the United Kingdom.

Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy def. MVP & The Brian Kendrick (PHOTOS)
Raw's 800th episode celebration opened with a match featuring one of the most extreme and exciting tag teams in WWE history: Matt Hardy and his brother, Jeff Hardy. The two ring warriors squared off against a team of SmackDown Superstars, MVP & The Brian Kendrick. However, even with the presence of Kendrick's associate, Ezekiel Jackson, the Hardys were able to soar to victory in their trademark risk-taking style.

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