The Champ is ready

Cyber Sunday is nearly upon us, and WWE Champion John Cena looks better than ever heading into the Champion of Champions Match.

At the beginning of RAW, Mr. McMahon decided to give the WWE fans a mini-preview of Cyber Sunday. Not wanting Cena to be flat for the event, the Chairman made him a match with an unusual twist; the WWE fans were allowed to vote by text message or on to choose Cena's RAW opponent: ECW Champion Big Show, World Heavyweight Champion King Booker or Jonathan Coachman.

Cena said he did not care who he faced, saying that "for once, it's not up to me, it's up to them (the fans)." He also had some strong words for Kevin Federline, saying that Federline's album (available everywhere now) was the bomb…as in, anyone who listens to it will want to end their misery.

In an overwhelming landslide, 74 percent of the fans chose Coachman to face Cena. He looked sick to his stomach and tried to run, but Cena stopped him; luckily, however, the King and the Extreme Giant attacked The Champ before he could get into the ring. That gave Coachman a momentary advantage, but Cena quickly came back. With Big Show and King Booker arguing at ringside, Cena quickly polished off Coachman with an STFU to gain the victory. The Champ is ready, and the main event at Cyber Sunday can't come soon enough for Cena.

Earlier in the show, McMahon, Coachman and Bischoff appeared on "The Cutting Edge" with birthday boy Edge and Randy Orton. The three men are your choices for special referee in the DX vs. Edge & Orton match at Cyber Sunday, and they all pled their case for selection. Orton also bragged about beating The Game last week (without mentioning how Triple H had beaten him the week before), so the Chairman then made the rubber match for RAW. But to emphasize how pivotal a guest referee can be, he appointed Edge as the official.

With Shawn Michaels not at RAW due to personal reasons, the odds seemed stacked even higher against The Game. However, he was ready, nailing Edge with a Pedigree before the match to take him out of his assignment. The Rated-R Superstar would later come back to interfere, and the bout was declared a No Contest. The action didn't stop there, as Edge & Orton assaulted The Game, dominating him with a steel chair until Triple H found his trusty sledgehammer and sent his enemies packing.

The Game may have fought off the attack on RAW, but with Edge, Orton and most likely the guest referee all against them at Cyber Sunday, the end may be near for D-Generation X.

Another match was finalized for Cyber Sunday on RAW. Lita defeated Maria in a Women's Championship Tournament semi-final match, earning the right to face Mickie James this Sunday for the vacant gold. The WWE fans will vote on the stipulation for their match, with the choices being No-Disqualification, Submission or Diva Lumberjack rules. What will it be and who will walk out of Cincinnati as Trish Stratus' successor?

At Cyber Sunday, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito or Johnny Nitro will challenge Jeff Hardy for the Intercontinental Championship. But six days before their possible title opportunity, the three men were in action against each other. As Hardy looked on from ringside, Carlito was victorious after nailing Benjamin with the Back Cracker. Will this victory have any effect on how the fans vote for Cyber Sunday?

Umaga also prepared for Cyber Sunday, defeating Eugene & Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a Handicap Match. Last week, Eugene freaked out on Duggan after being attacked by the Samoan Bulldozer. Things seemed back to normal this week, but once the bell rang, a seemingly terrified Eugene ran and hid at ringside. Umaga then decimated the abandoned Duggan, pinning him after the Samoan Spike. Will any of his three potential opponents be able to stop the undefeated Umaga this Sunday?

Also, the three men who can be chosen to be Ric Flair's partner at Cyber Sunday had a chance to speak their minds. After Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes explained why they should be chosen, Flair gave a warning to the Spirit Squad:

"Three great ones, it doesn't matter… Spirit Squad, at Cyber Sunday, plan on getting your green asses kicked hard, because we are walking out as the World Tag Team Champions!"

And speaking of walking out with things, Cryme Tyme was in their usual form on RAW as well. Before their match with Viscera and Charlie Haas, Todd Grisham interviewed JTG backstage on the RAW set. As he did, Shad jacked the television monitor from behind Grisham, carrying it with him to the ring. JTG & Shad had a good time in the ring, watching themselves defeat Viscera & Haas on their hot new possession before watching the replays with Jerry Lawler at ringside. Whether they're stealing wallets, television monitors or victories, Cryme Tyme are two guys you should probably keep an eye on, homeys.

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