Headfirst into the WWE ER?

Headfirst into the WWE ER?

Is WWE Champion Randy Orton in danger of joining his own Legends Killed list, courtesy of Shawn Michaels?

If you noticed the look in HBK's eyes Monday night on Raw when he demanded a rematch with Orton for the WWE Championship, the third-generation Superstar might want to reserve a bed alongside some of his other victims in the WWE M*A*S*H unit. There was something disturbingly sinister about The Showstopper when he burned a hole into Mr. McMahon and admitted he wanted more than Orton's cherished title. Michaels unapologetically conceded he wanted to hurt the Legend Killer for trying to end his career several months ago. (WATCH)

"For five months, I sat at home, once again leaving the industry on someone else's terms," he said. "When I returned to this industry [after four years away because of a serious back injury] in 2002, I swore I would never, ever let that happen again. … Randy Orton changed that, and that I cannot have. I want to hurt him. I want to make him suffer. I want to take him out in the prime of his life."

HBK may get that chance when he faces Orton for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series on Nov. 18. The WWE Champion has said he relishes the opportunity to finish the job he started back in May at Judgment Day, when he put Michaels out with a severe concussion. But given Michaels' words on Monday, he might want to be wary of HBK.

Orton isn't facing the same man he sidelined earlier this year. He isn't facing the jovial DX member he battled last year during his partnership with Edge as Rated-RKO. This HBK is hell-bent on vengeance of biblical proportions. Mr. McMahon claims he knows the real "rotten to the core" Michaels, but even he seemed stunned when The Showstopper teased him with Sweet Chin Music -- and then smiled about it.

The Shawn Michaels we saw Monday may be even worse than the backstabbing "boy toy" from years past who superkicked his longtime partnership with Marty Jannetty through a glass window, targeted friends and enemies alike with locker room politics, and knowingly gave Bret Hart the shaft in the infamous "Montreal Screwjob." Orton may have created a mirror image of himself -- and perhaps written his own death warrant -- when he tried to end HBK's career. All year long, he has been fond of mentioning how he "kicked the heads off" Michaels, Dusty Rhodes, Rob Van Dam, John Cena's father and others. Lately, HBK has reminded everyone how he has kicked Orton's head off with Sweet Chin Music for four consecutive weeks. He might be thinking about adding Orton to the list of Superstars who are currently injured, such as Cena, Candice, Edge and Matt Hardy, among others.

So, beware, Orton. You're not the only one capable of sending people to the emergency room. Michaels wants your WWE Championship, but he may want your head more.

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