Green Hater-ade

Green Hater-ade

PHILADELPHIA -- Jonathan Coachman's leprechaun-induced migraines continue to rage. For yet another week, Hornswoggle managed to thwart the dastardly schemes of Raw GM William Regal's Executive Assistant. 

Just before a planned match between Coachman and Hornswoggle, Mr. McMahon informed his bastard son of his "tough love" theory, that to be a McMahon, to be truly successful, one has to "learn to hate."

It was a lesson the leprechaun took with him to the ring.

But before the bell could ring to commence their bout, announcer Lilian Garcia informed Hornswoggle and Coachman that a special guest referee had been assigned to the match. As the Executive Assistant looked on, Mick Foley descended the entrance ramp sporting a custom referee shirt and his trademark cavernous grin.

During the bout, the rebellious Foley turned a blind eye to a series of Hornswoggle's innovative shenanigans. At one point, a frustrated Coachman channeled his anger toward Foley.

Big mistake.

Foley began to assist Hornswoggle, even handing the little guy a leprechaun-sized Mr. Socko, with which the newest McMahon used to punch Coachman in the groin — twice. The leprechaun then leveraged a Tadpole Splash to end the match and earn the three-count.

Coachman's foiled plan chronicles yet another chapter in his long story of dejection at the hands of Hornswoggle.

Two weeks ago, Coachman's plan to "blow up" Hornswoggle backfired when it was Coachman who took the brunt of the explosion. Then, last week, Coachman's plans to have Hornswoggle fight Umaga were thwarted when the leprechaun arranged to have Triple H wrestle instead.

But the question that remains is not whether Coachman will continue to rub his temples in frustration at Hornswoggle (of course he will), the question that remains is just who helped Hornswoggle by authorizing Foley to be the special guest referee.

Stay tuned.

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