Just desserts

Just desserts

TUCSON, Ariz. -- A mere 24 hours after you, the WWE Universe, made your voice heard at Cyber Sunday, Raw stormed into the desert of Arizona with new World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Big events were set in motion for the celebration of Raw's historic 800th episode the following week, including a Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Title between champion Batista and Chris Jericho, and the first-ever confrontation between D-Generation X and The Miz & John Morrison. WATCH all of the action now in the Raw Quick Cut and check out WWE.com's exclusive ringside PHOTOS.

World Heavyweight Champion Batista & Shawn Michaels def. Chris Jericho & JBL (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After Chris Jericho entered the ring for the night's main event, live footage was shown of JBL mercilessly beating Shawn Michaels in the locker room area. Afterward, the self-proclaimed "wrestling god" emerged, smugly walking out to meet his partner. Due to the cowardly attack on HBK, World Heavyweight Champion Batista was forced to fend off both JBL and Jericho for much of the match. But proving that you can't keep a good man down, Michaels emerged ready for action, giving his partner the help he needed to pin the Longhorn Loudmouth.

The Miz & John Morrison to face DX next week (PHOTOS)
As part of the three-hour Raw celebrating the program's landmark 800th episode, The Miz & John Morrison will be taking on D-Generation X for the first time ever. Claiming they have surpassed Triple H & Shawn Michaels in their abilities and relevance, the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" and the Shaman of Sexy will host a special live edition of "The Dirt Sheet" on ECW this week to "break it down" further.

Rey Mysterio def. Evan Bourne (PHOTOS)
For the first time ever, in a special Raw-ECW match-up, Evan Bourne challenged Rey Mysterio in a match characterized by both Superstars' high-flying abilities. Though "Air" Bourne put up an effort as valiant as his ECW Championship Match against Matt Hardy the night before, it wasn't enough to get the win over the more experienced Mysterio. But the match's victor was immediately confronted by Cyber Sunday fall-out, as Kane, bitter over his loss to the Ultimate Underdog, attacked Mysterio. Bourne didn't escape mistreatment either, as Mark Henry brutalized him, seemingly angered by the WWE Universe having chosen the high-flyer to face Hardy.

Mickie James, Kelly Kelly & Candice Michelle def. Layla, Katie Lea Burchill & Jillian (PHOTOS)
Fresh off her win as Lara Croft in the Cyber Sunday Diva Halloween Costume Contest, Mickie James came to the ring, accompanied by Kelly Kelly & Candice Michelle for their match against the team of Layla, Katie Lea Burchill & Jillian. James continued her streak as her team dominated their opponents.

The "GlamaHaas" vs. Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella ended in a no-contest when "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Goldust & Honky Tonk Man attacked Marella. (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Before either competitor came to the ring on Monday night, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Michael Cole were joined at the announce table by WWE Legends "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Goldust & Honky Tonk Man, all three of whom were involved in Honky Tonk's defeat of Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella at Cyber Sunday. As the trio of former Intercontinental Champions looked on, Charlie Haas emerged taking a page from Goldust's book, playing with gender roles, and impersonating Marella's girlfriend Beth Phoenix as The "GlamaHaas." With the three WWE Legends angered by the Italian Superstar's disrespect, they all became involved and Honky Tonk Man laid out the Intercontinental Champion with a well-placed guitar to the head.

CM Punk & Kofi Kingston def. World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase to become the new champions. (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Though the WWE Universe didn't vote for CM Punk & Kofi Kingston to compete for the World Tag Team Titles at Cyber Sunday, they had an opportunity to seize gold the night after on Raw as they took on champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. Even with assistance from Manu, however, Rhodes & DiBiase could not stand up to the assault of their opponents, as Punk & Kingston took revenge on the "priceless" competitors. The former World Heavyweight Champion pinned DiBiase, making himself and the Jamaican Superstar the new World Tag Team Champions.

Adamle announced Chris Jericho's rematch against Batista in a Steel Cage Match and slapped Randy Orton after being insulted by him. (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Former World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho came to the ring, furious at his Cyber Sunday loss to Batista, and blamed his losing the match on not only The Animal and special guest referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, but also Shawn Michaels, Mike Adamle and especially the WWE Universe. After Jericho invoked his rematch clause for a match against World Heavyweight Champion Batista the following week on the celebration of Raw's 800 episodes, General Manager Mike Adamle emerged to grant the jilted former champion his request, making the contest a Steel Cage Match.

As Jericho stormed out, another bitter Superstar confronted Adamle, the convalescing Randy Orton. The night before, Adamle had sent the Legend Killer to the ring to act as an emergency referee, an action that resulted in Orton receiving a Stone Cold Stunner. He also blamed Adamle for his misfortune and went on to demand that Shane and Stephanie McMahon fire the GM, or else he will walk. Orton stepped over boundaries when he insulted Adamle's family, however, causing the furious family man to strike the Legend Killer.

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