The fast & the spurious

The fast & the spurious

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- When NASCAR racers Kyle Busch and Joey Logano raced in to act as special guest hosts on Monday Night Raw, the two ignored the caution flags, avoided the pit stops and threw the hammer down all the way to the finish.

Triple H def. Big Show; WWE Champion John Cena's Survivor Series opponents revealed (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After Big Show's selfish betrayal of Team Raw the night before at WWE Bragging Rights, the Raw roster was only too happy to involve themselves during Show's match with Triple H -- thanks to Raw's special guest hosts, the bout was now a No Disqualification Lumberjack Match with a special guest referee: WWE Champion John Cena!

Surrounded by a battery of Superstars ready to punish him, Show lashed out and attacked his brand mates. The show of force, however, would prove futile. A barrage of Raw Superstars exploded on Show until finally The Game also unleashed his considerable anger over the events the night before on his opponent, emerging with a satisfying victory.

As Triple H celebrated with Shawn Michaels and The Champ by his side, Raw special guest hosts Kyle Busch and Joey Logano surfaced to throw up a caution flag. The two clued in the WWE Universe on who would face Cena at Survivor Series: The Champ must face Triple H and HBK in a Triple Threat WWE Title Match!

Sheamus def. Jamie Noble (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Raw sure knows how to pick ‘em. The brand's latest acquisition, Sheamus, lived up to his vicious reputation when he tangled with Jamie Noble. The Celtic Warrior downed the Southern Superstar as fast and fierce as a shot of Irish whiskey.

Evan Bourne def. The Miz by count-out (PHOTOS | WATCH)
He's The Miz, and he's … easily distracted? In his match against Evan Bourne, the United States Champion took exception to Jack Swagger looking on from ringside. Bourne used the disruption to his advantage, nailing both Swagger and Miz with a high-flying maneuver before high-tailing it back into the ring to win by count-out. Afterward, Miz shot an enraged look at "The All-American American."

Kofi Kingston destroyed Randy Orton's new car (WATCH)
A distraught Randy Orton emerged to pleaded the case that he should be granted a rematch. Instead, the man he attacked earlier in the evening, Kofi Kingston, popped up on the TitanTron with revenge flickering in his eyes. Kofi stood in the arena's parking garage next to a customized race car Orton received earlier in the night from Rhodes & DiBiase. Despite The Viper's protestations, Kofi proceeded to destroy the brand new car with a key, a crowbar and some paint.

Legacy interrupted WWE Champion John Cena; MVP & Mark Henry def. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (PHOTOS | WATCH)
You have to hand it to Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, the two do not lack chutzpah. One night after attacking John Cena in a fruitless effort to help their mentor, Randy Orton, retain his WWE Championship, the Legacy henchmen tried to demand a title bout against Cena, either as singles or in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. Cena scoffed at the suggestion but did inform the two that, thanks to Raw's guest hosts, they were to fight MVP & Mark Henry.

The task of taking down The World's Strongest Man & The Franchise Playa proved too much, and Legacy coughed up a loss.

Divas Champion Melina & Santino def. Jillian & Chavo Guerrero (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Jillian knows how to hold a grudge. The deaf-tone Diva wanted nothing more than to defeat Divas Champion Melina once the Latina lovely captured the Divas Championship after Jillian's brief reign. To that point, Jillian teamed with Chavo Guerrero to take on Melina & Santino Marella. Unfortunately for Jillian, Melina seemed to be taking out some aggression, thanks to her team's loss the night before, not to mention a distraction from Hornswoggle that helped the Divas Champion to easily pin her opponent.

The little guy, dressed as a DX member, received a surprise of his own. A lawyer from Triple H and Shawn Michaels served ‘Swoggle with a "Cease and Desist" order in order to force the leprechaun to stop imitating them.

Kyle Busch and Joey Logano will announce No. 1 contender for WWE Championship
Having already made an impact on Raw, special guest hosts Kyle Busch and Joey Logano planned on shifting the proceedings into overdrive. Meeting with several Superstars, Busch and Logano promised to announce who WWE Champion John Cena will face at Survivor Series.

Kofi Kingston def. Chris Jericho, attacked by Randy Orton (PHOTOS | WATCH)
As part of Team Raw at WWE Bragging Rights, Kofi Kingston found himself subject to the betrayal of Big Show, which led to Chris Jericho pinning Kofi for the "W." With his match against Jericho, Kofi would get an opportunity at redemption. That opportunity was not wasted. The dreadlocked dynamo nailed his arrogant opponent with a series of athletic strikes to seize the win. For Kofi, though, the real pain surfaced after the match when Randy Orton attacked him.

The trouble began the night before at WWE Bragging Rights when Kofi chased off Orton's Legacy henchmen, who were attempting to wound John Cena during the pair's One Hour, Anything Goes WWE Iron Man Match. During Raw, The Viper slithered away but not before inflicting some venomous blows to Kofi.

Big Show boasted about his betrayal; Raw special guest hosts Kyle Busch and Joey Logano arranged Big Show vs. Triple H, Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston (PHOTOS | WATCH)
One night after sabotaging his teammates and humiliating the Raw brand at WWE Bragging Rights, Big Show had the audacity to not only appear in front of the Raw faithful inside the HSBC Arena, he also had the nerve to boast about it.

The World's Largest Athlete, with his Unified Tag Team Championship partner and Team SmackDown co-captain Chris Jericho at his side, crowed that he was proud of attacking his teammates. When Jericho congratulated him on being a loyal Superstar, however, Show informed his partner that his loyalty remains solely to himself, that his betrayal wasn't to benefit SmackDown, it was to earn him the No. 1 contender position for the World Heavyweight Title, which SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long granted.

Jericho took issue with Show's flash of independence but was cut short when Raw special guest hosts, NASCAR's Kyle Busch and Joey Logano, roared into the arena. The two raced their cars to the stage, entered the squared circle and proceeded to take sides. Busch told Show he sympathized with his stance, while Logano questioned how the 7-footer could betray his teammates.

Before the two were through, Logano had arranged a match between Show and the man he sucker-punched the night before, Triple H. For his part, Busch had set up a match between Jericho and the man he pinned less than 24 hours prior, Kofi Kingston.

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