RAW goes 700 strong

WWE reaches a milestone tonight -- for the 700th consecutive week RAW will air, continuing its run as the longest-running weekly television program in entertainment history.

Some of RAW's younger Superstars insisted the WWE fans deserve most of the credit.

"WWE fans are loyal and it [making it to 700 episodes] demonstrates how much they enjoy our product," said Carlito.

Chris Masters added, "We couldn't have made it without the WWE fans."

Edge wasn't surprised that RAW hit the 700 episode milestone, but insisted he was a major force behind the brand's success.

"Anything I'm involved in is priceless television that can be compared to anything Bob Hope or Ed Sullivan has done," bragged the Rated-R Superstar. "When I pinned Rob Van Dam to win the WWE Championship, that was much more important than the landmark Beatles performance on TV in 1964."

One of Hollywood's hottest commodities, Johnny Nitro was adamant in his claim that 700 is just a start.
"RAW is the greatest show on TV; it's timeless and there is no doubt it will see 700 more episodes and I won't be surprised when it reaches the 7,000 mark. RAW will never end," Nitro claimed.

WWE Legend Sgt. Slaughter cited many memorable RAW moments.

"I'm sure I'm leaving out a lot of good ones, but the time that Mike Tyson came to the show and I was able to meet him -- he's a big WWE fan; all of the times with ECW invading WWE; This is Your Life with The Rock was an all-time favorite; and everything between Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon."

As for the future, the Sarge not only sees 700 more episodes, he sees another opportunity for WWE to break new ground.

"I just hope I'm around for the first RAW on the moon," he said.

One of the people who has been ringside for many of the 700 broadcasts is Jerry "The King" Lawler. The RAW commentator has watched the show evolve to a live format, incorporate elaborate pyrotechnic displays and has witnessed the integration of music and lighting with Superstar entrances. But that's not all. Lawler was inadvertently involved in a few RAW firsts. 

"There was a guy they brought in named Duke "The Dumpster" Droese, and I hit him in head with his own garbage can. After I did that I was told that hitting people with an object wasn't allowed. Eventually that rule got relaxed, but I had to do an apology for hitting this guy and demonstrating such a brutal amount of violence," said Lawler. 

Another time, Lawler was responsible for the first time blood was seen on RAW.

"In a match with Isaac Yankem and Bret Hart, they put me in a cage at ringside and hoisted me in the air about 30 or 40 feet. I was at such a height that my nose started bleeding. They got a shot of me with the blood running down my face and, again, I was informed that was the first time blood was shown.

What will unfold on tonight's historic edition of RAW? Don't miss it at 9/8 CT only on the USA Network.

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