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K-Fed reflects on his RAW experience

Last Monday, Kevin Federline spent the end of his RAW debut face down on the canvas, a victim of an FU from WWE Champion John Cena. This week, K-Fed was back on RAW with revenge on his mind, and that's just what he got. The controversial hip-hop artist took a few moments after RAW for an exclusive interview with WWE.com to discuss that revenge, and his WWE experience. 

"Revenge is a dish best served cold," said K-Fed. "Last week, Cena gave me the FU and it was very painful to say the least. I was limping around all week in rehearsals for my upcoming concert tour. I knew I had to get mine."

K-Fed wasn't the only one upset about the beating he received at the hands of the WWE Champ. According to Federline, a certain pop princess back in California was up in arms over the situation.

"Britney was definitely watching, my whole family was watching," said a serious K-Fed. "She can't have someone beating up her husband all over the place. I've got to stand up for my family and hold it down."

With a goal in mind, K-Fed came prepared. WWE fans already knew that Federline was tight with A-List celebrities and RAW Superstars Johnny Nitro and Melina, but they had no idea what K-Fed had in store for them this week.

"I came to Chicago and I started making friends left and right," said K-Fed in regards to a certain pair of Champions. "I've got my boy King Booker, the World Heavyweight Champ, and I've got my boy Big Show, the ECW Champ. I knew I had to bring out the best to get revenge on Cena."

K-Fed's revenge came both during and after his friend Johnny Nitro's match with the WWE Champ. Federline was in Nitro's corner for the match, watching intently from the ringside area. At one point, Cena made his way outside the ring, and K-Fed was waiting. With one swing, Federline took out a week's worth of aggression, slapping the champion across the face. Through it all, the crowd booed Federline's every move, and K-Fed said the crowd's nagging was exactly what he needed.

"When I was in that ring, the whole arena booed me," said the excited newcomer. "I actually liked it though, it pumped me up and gave me just what I needed to take out Cena."

To those fans that booed him, K-Fed offered a short and pointed message.

"It goes to show you I am America's most hated," said the fired-up star. "Guess what, you can all buy my album on October 31, Halloween. I've got all the tricks, treats and the candy."

Looking back, Federline says he had no idea what to expect when he showed up to RAW two weeks ago. Now that it's over, the young musician says his RAW experience couldn't have gone any better, and he might even like to come back.

"I'll be honest, when I first showed up here, I had no idea what I was getting myself into," said an enthusiastic Federline. "When I was a kid, me and my friends would always brawl in the backyard and in the house, but this was the real thing. I got a real taste of WWE, and I loved it. I'm ready for more."

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