Bulldog's boy bites Carlito in Raw debut

Bulldog's boy bites Carlito in Raw debut

OMAHA, Neb. -- Carlito found out once again that the son of the "British Bulldog," Davey Boy Smith, has bite.

DH Smith did his father proud in his Raw debut. He defeated Carlito with a thunderous running powerslam -- shades of his father's famed finisher.  Watch the video...

Smith displayed his European-style arsenal of powerful maneuvers on worldwide television in a battle of second-generation Superstars. Last week, he raised some eyebrows when he defeated Carlito in the United Kingdom in a match seen exclusively on WWE.com.

After his victory, DH (named so to honor his family) celebrated with our fans as "Rule, Britannia" poured from arena speakers.

The blue-chipper has set his sights high and has put the Raw locker room on notice. Somewhere in the heavens, Davey Boy and DH's grandfather, Stu Hart, are smiling.

In other Raw action from Omaha:


In a battle of six current and former champions, Paul London & Brian Kendrick teamed with Mickie James to defeat the trio of the World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch and Melina.

As the fast-paced battle broke down into a six-way scrum, Mickie tackled Melina and sent the paparazzi princess to the floor. But in an odd occurrence, Cade accidentally clotheslined Murdoch as the redneck shoved Mickie out of the way. One shooting-star press by London led to a pinfall on Murdoch.

As London & Kendrick celebrated, a puzzled Mickie looked back on a fallen Murdoch, who appeared to see little comfort in the loss.


Shelton Benjamin told Cody Rhodes it was his lucky night because he would get beaten by the Self-Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team member instead of Hardcore Holly. In the end, Rhodes was lucky -- but not because of Benjamin & Charlie Haas.

After Rhodes caught Benjamin with a rollup for the pinfall, he and Haas went on the attack. But suddenly, Hardcore Holly rushed to the ring and came to young Rhodes' aid. Holly lifted Rhodes off the mat and gave him a nod -- has the son of the "American Dream" finally won the hardcore veteran's respect?

Cold comfort

With the beautiful Maria by his side, Santino Marella continued to slam "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Condemned DVD and whined about not being included in the commemorative 500th issue of WWE Magazine.

But poor Santino can't seem to get any respect anywhere. He was interrupted by yet another cryptic computer code video -- the same one that has surfaced on WWE television for weeks -- and then by Ron Simmons. Watch the video...

In his ensuing match with the Superstar of few words, the former Intercontinental Champion kicked a charging Simmons in the groin, which earned a disqualification from the referee despite Santino's insistence that it was unintentional.

Lena says goodbye

As the 2007 Diva Search came down to two finalists, Lena was eliminated. The winner of the competition will be announced live next week on Raw in Philadelphia. Will Brooke or Eve be the next WWE Diva? Your vote decides it. Vote now!

Glamazon sweep

In the first-ever 2-out-of-3 Falls Women's Championship Match on Raw, the powerful Beth Phoenix won two straight falls over the former champion Candice Michelle. But in a scary moment, Candice was knocked out after an awkward fall from the top turnbuckle. The former Women's Champion was taken from the ring on a stretcher. Story … | Video | Candice Injury Update 

Playing "Games"

With Mr. McMahon overseas, his Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman begged General Manager William Regal to sanction a match for the mischievous leprechaun Hornswoggle. While Regal assumed it was to be Coachman vs. McMahon's bastard son, the Coach had other, bigger ideas for the little guy -- Umaga.

Fortunately for Hornswoggle, he was a little more resourceful than Coachman expected. And Triple H was in the building to give Umaga a taste of the brutality that awaits him at Cyber Sunday. Story... | Watch

Seeking Net gains

Just six days before Cyber Sunday, the four men involved in the voting for the WWE Championship match faced off as WWE Champion Randy Orton teamed with potential challenger Mr. Kennedy against potential opponents Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels.

The three challengers pleaded their case to be selected as Orton's challenger, but the Legend Killer got "tuned" by Sweet Chin Music for the third straight week in the post-match melee. Story... | Watch


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