Last Campaign stop before Cyber Sunday

Last Campaign stop before Cyber Sunday

OMAHA, Neb. -- Less than one week before Cyber Sunday, WWE Champion Randy Orton and his three potential challengers -- Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy and Mr Kennedy -- will be in the same ring at the same time in a tag team match on Raw.

This Monday on Raw, Orton will team with one potential challenger, Mr. Kennedy, against two other prospective opponents, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels. But with Hardy, Kennedy and Michaels in full campaign mode and appealing for your vote, is Orton really a marked man?

The Legend Killer may be an island unto himself on Monday. He has what Michaels, Hardy and Kennedy all want, the WWE Championship. All of these men want an opportunity at the title at Cyber Sunday and want you, the WWE Fan Nation, to select them to face Orton. So, undoubtedly, HBK, Hardy and Kennedy will try to make an impression and prove that they deserve the chance at the WWE Championship.

Unlike Hardy and Kennedy, Michaels' issues with Orton are personal. His rivalry with the third-generation Superstar go beyond the WWE Championship as he is seeking revenge for Orton trying to end his career several months ago. HBK sees no better route to vengeance than taking away Orton's cherished WWE Title.

Two mouthfuls of Sweet Chin Music have left an impression on Orton, and HBK hopes, you, the voters on Cyber Sunday, may seek to get another kick out of his campaign this Monday.

In Hardy and Kennedy, Orton faces two Superstars who have never held the WWE Championship and are anxious to get an opportunity. Both Hardy and Kennedy are on the cusp of ultra-Superstardom, considered by observers the future of WWE. However, the "Rainbow-haired Warrior" and the loudmouth from Green Bay, Wis., believe the future is here and now, and they have continued to fight each other to gain an advantage in the Cyber Sunday voting.

Meanwhile, Orton has gotten a glimpse of what he may face at Cyber Sunday because he battled all three of his potential opponents last week on Raw. But will he also seek to send a message to HBK, Hardy and Kennedy as only a Legend Killer can?

You have the power. Be sure to leave your own impression on the WWE Championship Match at Cyber Sunday. Vote now and vote often. And remember, you can cast your ballot again after witnessing what happens when Orton, Michaels, Hardy and Kennedy are in the ring together on Raw this Monday.

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