Luck of the Irish in this dangerous Game

Luck of the Irish in this dangerous Game

OMAHA, Neb. -- When Mr. McMahon needs to teach someone a lesson, he unleashes Umaga -- Triple H and countless others can attest to that. Monday night on Raw, Jonathan Coachman thought he could use the same famous Chairman's card to teach the newest -- and smallest -- McMahon, Hornswoggle, a lesson in respect. But The Game interrupted his class and sent Umaga to detention less than a week before their showdown at Cyber Sunday.

You, our fans, have the power to decide whether Triple H and Umaga will play their games of destruction in a Steel Cage Match, a Street Fight or under First Blood rules on Oct. 28 at Cyber Sunday. But these two heated rivals couldn't wait six days to get their hands on each other, and Coachman and Hornswoggle provided the stage.

Frustrated by weeks of disobedience and outright disrespect by Mr. McMahon's illegitimate child, Hornswoggle, Coachman was apparently determined to teach him a lesson. Even Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote and the folks at ACME would have laughed at last week's sight of a smoldering Coachman after his failed attempt to blow up Hornswoggle.

But the Chairman's Executive Assistant found nothing funny about the ordeal. Coachman insisted to Raw GM William Regal that McMahon's children, Shane and Stephanie found nothing humorous about Hornswoggle because he was cutting into their inheritance. So he decided to test Hornswoggle's luck in a match -- against Umaga.

Siccing the Samoan Bulldozer on Hornswoggle was the toughest of lessons in tough love. Some of our fans in the Qwest Center cringed and covered their eyes at the prospect of the snarling 348-pound Umaga pulverizing Hornswoggle. They remembered the show-and-tell lesson Umaga gave, at the behest of Mr. McMahon, to a poor soul in the United Kingdom last week. The Chairman wanted his sworn enemy, Triple H, to see what the Samoan could do to him at Cyber Sunday in a Steel Cage Match, a Street Fight and in a First Blood battle.

It's impossible to tell what was going through Umaga's mind as he glared at Hornswoggle. Did he see Triple H's face? Did he see an appetizer? Just as it appeared the little guy's luck was about to run out for good, he showed that he still had the luck of the Irish, outrunning Coachman before he could forcibly feed him to the Samoan beast. But as soon as Hornswoggle disappeared, The Cerebral Assassin came out of nowhere and showed the world the Samoan Bulldozer did not intimidate him. (WATCH)

Triple H and Umaga tore into each other with such a fury that a sea of WWE officials and security had to pull them apart. While Hornswoggle's battle of wills with Coachman has provided a lot of chuckles, the rivalry between The Game and Umaga has been no laughing matter. Both have left each other battered and bloody. Both had tried to end each other's careers.

Triple H doesn't seem to care what match he has against Umaga on Cyber Sunday; no one will get between him and the Samoan Bulldozer. However, you are the only one standing in between these two Superstars. You will decide how the next chapter in Triple H and Umaga's rivalry will be written. It's your dream come true as a fan -- and a potential nightmare for The Game and the Samoan Bulldozer.

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