DH Smith proves doubters wrong

DH Smith proves doubters wrong

This past Monday, a conversation between two Superstars was in progress regarding DH Smith and his victory over Carlito in England.

"It could have been a fluke," noted one Superstar. "They were in his father's ('British Bulldog' Davey Boy Smith) backyard; the crowd could have carried him."

The other Superstar took a sip of his coffee, raised his eyebrows and added, "Tonight will be the true test for the kid; he's going on live television in front of millions. It will be his first official match as a Raw Superstar, and his performance will really show whether he belongs here."

The conversation faded, and the two Superstars went their separate ways. Later that evening, DH Smith exceeded the expectations of those same two Superstars who had seemingly doubted the third-generation grappler. Smith defeated Carlito for the three-count, using a familiar running powerslam — the same move his father was known for.

"Carlito was a tough opponent for me tonight," panted Smith, moments after his victory. "But I knew he would stay down after that powerslam."

When WWE.com questioned Smith about the origins of the letters "DH," he would only reveal that it is in honor of his family, asking politely that no further questions involving his name be asked.

It was hard to get comments from Smith, not because he didn't want to talk about his match, but because so many veteran Superstars wanted to shake his hand and talk with him about his first Raw victory. Humbled, Smith was all smiles and nearly speechless by the display of solidarity.

"I have to say that having the crowd and some of the Superstars behind me tonight felt excellent," he said. "I've worked so hard to get here. So far, in England and now in the States, the fans have been behind me. I'm hoping the worldwide fans will back me, too. I want to keep this up and prove that I'm capable of one day becoming a champion in this business."

When WWE.com sought Carlito for comments about DH, only verbal threats and what might have been foreign curse words were returned. Smith said he's fine with Carlito being a sore loser, and that he's not worried about what Carlito has to say, anyway.

"I just need to focus on getting better every time I get into the ring," Smith said. "I need to continue this roll; I can't worry about what Carlito thinks of me beating him."

As Smith slowly made his way into the locker room, two Superstars with steam emitting from their coffees mirrored Smith's smile. In another quiet, "off the record" conversation, the two admitted that the discussion they had earlier that afternoon was, in fact, incorrect.

"I have to give the kid props," said the former champion. "Even with all the pressure he's had to face, he sucked it up and went out there to compete tonight. I can admit when I'm wrong, and I was wrong about DH Smith."

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