WWE Mobile on AT&T: Animal Cruelty

WWE Mobile on AT&T: Animal Cruelty

In the wake of being outlasted by Batista during their Gauntlet Match on Raw, Chris Jericho had some fiery words for his Cyber Sunday opponent. The tirade by the World Heavyweight Champion was born of weeks of frustration thanks to The Animal.

Last week, Batista looked to be having fun at Jericho's expense when he placed himself in the role of special guest referee during Jericho's match with CM Punk. As it appeared the World Heavyweight Champion was on the verge of notching the victory, Batista drew out an extra-long three-count and dropped a brutal Batista Bomb on his Cyber Sunday rival to allow Punk to regain momentum and pull out a win.

The embarrassment continued in Corpus Christi, Texas, when Batista outlasted Jericho in a Gauntlet Match, in which each man had to compete against three opponents, including William Regal, Mark Henry and Kane. Both men defeated Regal and Henry, but only The Animal managed to pin Kane.

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