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On a star-studded night in Hollywood, Mr. McMahon made two major announcements for two matches slated to take place at Cyber Sunday on Nov. 5.

In front of Hollywood big wigs like Steve-O and Chris Pontius of Jackass, Nick and Aaron Carter, ZZ Top and countless other celebrities, the WWE Chairman dropped the bomb that a championship will be on the line when Big Show, John Cena and King Booker square off in the Champion of Champions Match at Cyber Sunday. But which title will be defended? Mr. McMahon has declared that the WWE fans will decide. Will it be the ECW World Championship? The WWE Championship? The World Heavyweight Championship? Vote now!

The announcement came at an inopportune time for Johnny Nitro and Melina's close friend -- one of Hollywood's biggest bad boys, Kevin Federline, or K-Fed as he's commonly known.

The tabloid star turned hip-hop artist was going to perform for the WWE fans, but opted to keep his rap material under -- for lack of a better word -- wraps until his album "Playing With Fire" comes out on Oct. 31. Unfortunately for Federline, the maltreatment of WWE fans didn't go over well with another rapper — WWE Champion John Cena.

The Champ chided the celeb and Nitro when he dusted off the microphone and dropped a freestyle rap mentioning Federline's wife, Britney Spears:

"You mad, Johnny Nitro? You don't have the nuts to hit me. And if K-Fed wasn't around, I'd be the one spearin' Britney."

After the diss to Federline prompted Nitro to come to the defense of his "close, personal friend," Cena launched the former Intercontinental Champion out of the ring. Then, before he could focus on K-Fed, The Champ was rudely interrupted by his two Cyber Sunday opponents. As World Heavyweight Champion King Booker and ECW World Champion Big Show made their way to the ring, Mr. McMahon saw the window to drop his colossal announcement regarding their championships.

The expressions on the champions' faces were that of utter disbelief, but none showed weakness and all kept their game faces intact. Now it's official:  the WWE fans have the control for the match at Cyber Sunday… but Cena's mood only worsened and that was terrible news for Federline, who was still at ringside.

Cena mocked the "trend setter" and asked which title he thought should be on the line at Cyber Sunday.

"Yours," Federline emphatically yelled. "I want to see you get your ass kicked up and down the ring."

With that, Cena hoisted the quick-tongued rapper and dropped him with a monstrous FU. 

While Cena was dropping Federline, Edge was itching to get to Mr. McMahon to congratulate him on the decision to let the fans decide on the Champion of Champions Match for Cyber Sunday. He approached the Chairman and put together a proposal to allow the fans to decide on the special guest referee for a match between DX and Orton & Edge on Nov. 5.

Mr. McMahon was receptive to Edge's idea, and now the fans will also be voting on who should officiate the DX vs. Edge and Orton match.  Will it be Jonathan Coachman? Former RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff or Mr. McMahon? (Vote here)

Although Edge & Orton will go head to head with DX at Cyber Sunday, Triple H and Orton battled in a one-on-one match because of the disrespect the Legend Killer and the Rated-R Superstar showed Shawn Michaels and Triple H at the top of the broadcast when Orton and Edge displayed their contempt for their rivals when they parodied them. That show of disrespect didn't bode well for them later in the night, however.

The Game has been Orton's target mainly because of Edge, who pointed out that Triple H was the one who destroyed Orton with Batista in his days with Evolution. After The Game's so-called betrayal, The Legend Killer's career hasn't been the same, according to Edge.

In the match, DX simply outsmarted Edge and Orton at their own game. At one point, Edge tried to interfere on Orton's behalf as Lita tossed a steel chair into the ring. The Rated- R Superstar delivered a low blow to Triple H, but HBK slipped into the ring and returned the low blow to Orton which allowed Triple H to use the chair and score the pinfall. DX may have won the first encounter, but it was clear that the war between these two teams has just begun. (Watch)

There was a war for the Intercontinental Championship as well, as a Fatal Four Way saw the champion, Jeff Hardy defend against RAW newcomer Super Crazy, Chris Masters and former Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin. That Fatal Four Way wasn't good news for Jeff Hardy; the match is a one fall, sudden death where the champion doesn't have to be pinned to lose his title. But, the enigmatic Superstar proved why he became the champion by out competing the others. In the end, Hardy picked up the win after hitting Masters with a Swanton Bomb for the pinfall. (Watch)

Speaking of WWE gold, the World Tag Team Champions Spirit Squad took on two of the most diverse Superstars in WWE. RAW fans have seen how the team of Cryme Tyme -- Shad and JTG -- train leading up to their debut and it paid off. Shad and JTG looked tight in their first match on RAW, as they used a little distraction method to steal a victory against the Squad in a non-title match. Steal or no steal, it was quite the impressive debut to defeat the World Tag Team Champions — even if the gold wasn't on the line. (Watch)

After the match, Spirit Squad member Kenny was frustrated by the Squad's recent losing streak and was visibly upset with the other members of the cheerleading crew.

Cryme Tyme had an impact on more than the Squad's night. After a run-in with Shad and JTG, King Booker noticed that his royal wallet wasn't in his majesty's pocket. He was quick to point the finger at the new tag team, and even notified the authorities of their assumed thievery. Nothing was proven, however, and the news that Mr. McMahon dropped regarding the King's match at Cyber Sunday seemed to be enough to distract him from pursuing any further action to Cryme Tyme.

Also, Carlito was in action against Rob Conway. RAW fans haven't seen much of Conway lately, and they didn't get to see too much of him in his match with Carlito. After a Back Cracker, the Caribbean Superstar got the three count, showing the brash Conway up.

Umaga showed the stars from the hit movie Jackass Number 2 that their zany stunts and wild antics are cake compared to the destruction of the Samoan Bulldozer. Umaga's handler, Armando Alejandro Estrada, informed the two Jackasses -- Steve-O and "Party Boy" Chris Pontius -- that the Samoan Bulldozer doesn't appreciate their "act." After some lip by Steve-O, the Samoan savage lit into the two movie stars and pummeled them worse than any stunt, even making a second round after Steve-O sat upright.

Plus, we're close to moving in on a new Women's Champion. The last match of the first round was a Second Chance All or Nothing Bra and Panties Match with Maria, Victoria, Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle. Maria was able to tear the pants off of Torrie to make her way into the semi-finals alongside Lita, Melina and Mickie James. Next week on RAW, the tournament will continue. Who will take one step closer to claiming the vacant Women's Championship?

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