Prelude to a Cyber Sunday massacre?

Prelude to a Cyber Sunday massacre?

UNITED KINGDOM -- At Cyber Sunday, our fans will vote for the type of match in which Triple H and Umaga will settle their score. But for the Chairman, it doesn't matter what the fans choose -- all picks will be poison for The Game.

Our fans will decide whether Triple H and Umaga will battle in a Street Fight, a First Blood Match or a Steel Cage Match at Cyber Sunday on Oct. 28. Fans can vote here for their favorite stipulation.

With The Game "in no condition to perform" in the United Kingdom after Umaga brutalized him last week, Mr. McMahon set up a "demonstration" of how the 348-pound Samoan warrior would punish the 11-time World Champion at Cyber Sunday -- no matter what match the fans select.

First, Mr. McMahon had Umaga destroy the U.K.'s own Andy Simmons in a Street Fight, first slamming him over the Raw announcers' table, and then crushing him with a Samoan Drop on a steel chair.

"Someone should call Andy Simmons' next of kin," Raw commentator Jim Ross remarked.

But Simmons' night wasn't over by a long shot.

As WWE officials began to help Simmons to the locker room, McMahon ordered him to compete in a First Blood Match. Umaga pulverized an already weakened Simmons with a series of Samoan Spikes, causing him to spew blood from his mouth. The extent of Simmons' internal damage was unimaginable.

Just as a swarm of medical personnel arrived to treat Simmons, the Chairman pointed to the arena ceiling where a steel cage was hanging. Ordering the cage to be lowered, McMahon had no mercy on Simmons, and the youngster had to withstand more torture from Umaga.

"That's Triple H. That's The Game! … Sic ‘em! Get him Umaga!," the Chairman ordered.

The savage Samoan monster didn't need much motivation. Umaga climbed in the cage and tossed Simmons around like a human javelin into the walls of steel.

As Umaga stepped out of the cage victorious, it was obvious that the raging McMahon-backed monster is primed to punish The Game in just 13 days.

"That's not Triple H, but you see how psyched up and pumped up Umaga is … it's scary," Raw commentator Jerry "The King" Lawler observed.

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