Rocking the vote

Rocking the vote

UNITED KINGDOM -- From mud-slinging to cheap political tricks, men have stooped to obscene levels just to tally a few extra votes. When it comes to Cyber Sunday, some Raw Superstars are no different. Exhibit A: Mr. Kennedy.

On Monday night, after Raw General Manager William Regal arranged for WWE Champion Randy Orton to compete in three separate matches against his three possible Cyber Sunday opponents — Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy and Shawn Michaels — the Green Bay, Wis., native kicked his one-man campaign into high gear.

As Hardy battled with Orton in the opening match on Raw, the "Rainbow-haired Warrior" prepared to land a Swanton Bomb on the Legend Killer when Mr. Kennedy ripped Hardy's foot from the top rope to defuse the deadly drop. The underhanded stunt sent Hardy tumbling, eventually winding up in Orton's arms for a match-ending RKO.

When Kennedy later faced off against the WWE Champion, Hardy saw fit to return the favor. The Intercontinental Champion charged the ring and leveled Mr. Kennedy with a laser-focused kick to the chest before finally dropping a Swanton Bomb on the loudmouthed grappler to end the match. 

Some would consider this dirty politics. But in the run-up to Cyber Sunday, both Superstars are trying to make compelling cases to the electorate -- our fans -- in the bid to get an opportunity at the WWE Title at Cyber Sunday.

In the past couple of weeks, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy has been soaring. Two weeks ago, the "Rainbow-haired Warrior" paired with Paul London & Brian Kendrick to defeat Shelton Benjamin and Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, and last week he eked out a victory over Mr. Kennedy in a physical, heated battle.

While victory narrowly evaded Mr. Kennedy's grasp, he is as determined as ever to get an opportunity at the WWE Championship and will do anything to get it. And he has defeated seven World Champions in his career and is a former Mr. Money in the Bank.

All of their jockeying for position, however, may be for naught. In Orton's final match Monday night, he clashed with Michaels, the man who knocked him out with Sweet Chin Music the week prior. Despite interference from both Mr. Kennedy and Hardy that allowed Orton to claim victory by disqualification, HBK was still able to lull Orton to sleep again with another kick to the jaw.

With less than two weeks before Cyber Sunday, Mr. Kennedy and Hardy will no doubt be lobbying hard for the chance to compete for the WWE Championship. Since each has proven he's willing to sling a little mud for votes, things are certain to get even dirtier. 

If you want to see your favorite Superstar face off against Orton at Cyber Sunday, remember, vote early and vote often.


In a exclusive, watch Mr. Kennedy plead his case as to why he deserves to face Randy Orton at Cyber Sunday. (WATCH)

In a exclusive, watch Jeff Hardy plead his case as to why he deserves to face Randy Orton at Cyber Sunday. (WATCH)

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