A glimpse into sweet revenge?

A glimpse into sweet revenge?

UNITED KINGDOM -- Thanks to his own big mouth, WWE Champion Randy Orton got a little more than a tune-up two weeks before his title match at Cyber Sunday. But thanks to Shawn Michaels, the Legend Killer was forced to face the Sweet Chin Music for the second straight week -- and perhaps got a glimpse of his future. (WATCH)

Poor Randy -- he may want to learn how to keep his mouth shut. Last week, the new WWE Champion thought he was going to get some appreciation from the Superstars in the Raw locker room, only to be surprised and get a mouth full of cowboy boot from HBK -- whom Orton insisted he had retired.

On Monday night in the United Kingdom, Orton stuck his foot down his throat again, this time by insisting to Regal at the beginning of Raw that he needed a tune-up match before Cyber Sunday and that our fans, especially the "rogues" in the UK, shouldn't be allowed to pick his opponent.

Always one to defend his country, Regal gave Orton a tune-up alright. He had to face all three potential Cyber Sunday opponents -- Michaels, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy -- in one night.

Because Hardy and Kennedy tried to mostly one-up each other, presumably in an attempt to court fans' votes in Cyber Sunday, Orton was victorious in his respective matches against them. But against HBK, the Legend Killer was reminded why Michaels may be the man he least wants to face on Oct. 28.

Michaels is focused and determined to exact revenge on Orton for putting him out of action for five months. He unleashed a fury on the WWE Champion that rarely has been seen in his storied career.

In a case of déjà vu, Hardy and Kennedy injected themselves in Orton's match with HBK. For Kennedy, it appeared that he was trying to make a statement at the expense of HBK … until Hardy flew in like the cavalry. However, the chaos left Orton distracted -- and vulnerable to Sweet Chin Music. Just like last week on Raw, the Legend Killer was out cold, looking up at the lights, and HBK was standing over him.

Before their match on Raw, HBK promised to kick Orton's teeth down his throat, and he did. And if Michaels has his way, he will have the opportunity to repeat this scene in two weeks at Cyber Sunday and take the WWE Championship from Orton. (WATCH)

That would be the sweetest revenge for HBK and the Legend Killer's worst nightmare. For his sake, the arrogant Orton better invest in a muzzle.

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