Umaga gets even with The Game

Umaga gets even with The Game

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Triple H was determined to get even with the new WWE Champion Randy Orton after his Last Man Standing title match loss. But it was The Game's other No Mercy opponent who got the best of him on Monday night, brutalizing the former champion.

Mr. McMahon refused to give the 11-time World Champion a rematch for the title with Orton. Instead, with an evil smile across his lips, Mr. McMahon put Triple H into a Handicap Match with the new WWE Champion and the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga.

The former Intercontinental Champion has been on the warpath since Triple H bashed him with a steel chair and sledgehammer more than a month ago on Raw. Despite Umaga's rage towards Triple H, The Game was able to withstand the Samoan's offensive onslaught to retain his newly-won WWE Championship at No Mercy in their scheduled match.

While The Game still suffered the ill-effects of three championship matches from the previous night, Orton and Umaga brutalized him with double-team attacks Monday night. But as Triple H mounted a comeback and set up Orton for a Pedigree, Umaga pounded The Game with a steel chair, earning a disqualification.

The Samoan continued the assault on a bloodied Triple H after the match. Taking the opportunity to exact revenge on The Game, Umaga crushed Triple H into the turnbuckle, and then finished him off with a top-rope splash and a Samoan Spike.  Watch the video...

The Game crumpled into a fetal position, gasping for air. He struggled to get to his feet, only to collapse and fall face-down onto the steel ramp. Triple H tried to limp to the locker room on his own, but he needed assistance from WWE officials.

Mr. McMahon had no sympathy for The Cerebral Assassin, and ordered the wounded warrior to attend Orton's appreciation ceremony later that night.

As The Game sneered at The Chairman, one had to wonder if Mr. McMahon was behind Umaga's assault. After all, Triple H had shown up The Chairman just 24 hours earlier by winning the WWE Championship in the first place.

For one night, Umaga finally appeared to get the upper hand on his rival. But as we've seen in the past, never count out the Cerebral Assassin, who doesn't take a setback lightly.

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