Is Santino tying his star to 'Stone Cold'?

Is Santino tying his star to 'Stone Cold'?

Santino Marella seems to be getting hotter and hotter under the collar -- and playing an increasingly dangerous game with a Texas Rattlesnake -- as The Condemned continues its hot run on the DVD sales charts.
Marella was once the beneficiary of the "Miracle in Milan" with a stunning Intercontinental Championship win over Umaga in his WWE debut, but he may be pushing his luck by goading "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. For weeks, he has bashed the movie and "Stone Cold's" acting abilities, most recently on Raw with an unflattering ode to The Condemned that would have made Simon Cowell cringe and had our fans seeking "Rehab." (WATCH)

Many in the Raw locker room wonder what Marella has against The Rattlesnake. Is he jealous of Austin and his spectacular stunts and explosive scenes that have been featured on television and Does he wish he had a starring role in a feature film or angry that he wasn't chosen for such a role, even though the movie was filmed long before he made his WWE debut in April?
Or could it be something even more simplistic? Even though Marella bashes Austin's acting abilities, could he be trying to tie his slumping stardom to the rising star of the six-time WWE Champion, hoping some of the Rattlesnake's success rubs off on him?
Since losing the Intercontinental Championship to Umaga in July, Marella has struggled to regain the magic of his miraculous title reign. Though he had a big assist from Bobby Lashley, being plucked from the crowd in Milan and winning the Intercontinental Championship made Marella an everyman's hero. He became the idol of WWE fans worldwide that could relate with his lottery-like success.
But now that he no longer has the gold, Marella is struggling to reclaim a sliver of that fleeting success. His seemingly tenuous "relationship" with WWE Diva Maria is a prime example. Week by week, the harder Marella fights to impress his bella, the more it seems Maria is put off by his behavior.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin seems to have become an obsession for Marella.  Locker room sources told that the former Intercontinental Champion is picking up copies of Variety on a regular basis, waiting to see the Rattlesnake's film fall from the charts so that he can gloat.

"Stone Cold" has what Marella wants -- superstardom. And by slandering the good name and acting abilities of the beloved Rattlesnake, Marella hopes he can steal a slice of the spotlight.
However, warning to Marella: Rattlesnakes don't play nice. And their sting can be a lot more humiliating than a pizza pie to the face.

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