Call Nanny 9-1-1

Call Nanny 9-1-1

Since Hornswoggle found out he's the bastard son of Mr. McMahon, the lucky little leprechaun has been wreaking havoc around WWE. Hornswoggle's nanny, er… manny, er… caretaker for the night, Raw GM William Regal, didn't find much luck when it came to watching over the little one, as evidenced Monday night on Raw. And Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant had difficulty controlling the newest McMahon as well.

To alleviate a little bit of the stress the Englishman and others have faced, sought the advice of some of the nation's top professionals.

"It's important for a nanny to communicate with the employer," said New York City nanny of two, Helga Fall. "My client is a professional, and it's imperative that I communicate with him with the utmost respect, or else my client wouldn't trust me. The child would pick up on this lack of trust, and lash out against me, the nanny."

But is it a lack of trust among Mr. McMahon and Regal that's causing the lil' McMahon to lash out? Or does the rich youngster simply look down upon Regal and others who would try to reign him in?

"Well first off, it appears as though the child does not recognize Mr. Regal as an authoritative figure. Perhaps, Mr. McMahon needs to officially appoint Mr. Regal to the position of nanny. That might help with the respect issue," Fall explained while sipping a cup of tea.

"If that doesn't help calm the little fellow, Mr. Regal should spend as much quality time with him as possible," Fall explained. "Mr. Regal needs to learn the child's interests, then participate in them with him. Perhaps some arts and crafts would do the trick. Or with Autumn on its way, a trip to the local pumpkin patch might silence the little bugger."

So it seems it wouldn't matter if Hornswoggle is 2 or 32; as long as Regal can't gain control, the littlest McMahon will continue to run the show. We explained the situation to Beverly Hills, Calif., manny, Joseph Farley, who cares for a celebrity brood of four.

"Obviously the child has outsmarted Mr. Regal. I would never let that happen in the Joli… um, in my household," Farley said. "How did the manny get stuck in such a sticky situation? Really, he should be a bit pickier about who he chooses to work for next time."

Hmm… we're not so sure Regal really had a choice about his task on Monday night. And we're not sure he has the option to getting out of watching Hornswoggle again!

"Then he should… I don't know, get a leash or something for that little pain-in-the-you-know-what!" Farley exclaimed. "If he can't keep a handle on him then tie him to a tree! He needs to do something before that miniature monster ruins his life!"

Hey, Regal -- it might be time to dial Nanny 9-1-1.

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