Power struggle

Power struggle

CLEVELAND -- When Hornswoggle learned he was a McMahon -- and the power that went with it -- it was as if he'd been handed the keys to the family car. With a little help from a booster seat and a stick to reach the pedals, the little guy can practically now steer WWE in any direction he sees fit -- just like his dear old dad, Mr. McMahon.

As Hornswoggle begins to flex some McMahon muscle, all the Superstars are holding their breath to see just how the little guy will wield his newfound power. Will he cruise along as an understanding, benevolent man of power? Or will he abuse his power and only use it to run down his enemies and leave them as roadkill?

As demonstrated last week, the newest McMahon's apparent influence could go either way.

On a dark note, the lusty leprechaun showed last week that he could, like his father, abuse his power. When he was informed that Melina was interested in getting better acquainted with him, Hornswoggle jumped on the voluptuous Diva like an Irish Setter in heat and proceeded to roll around the ring on her before being pulled off.

Does he now think that his status as a McMahon gives him immunity from his actions? Were he to consistently take advantage of the fairer sex, Hornswoggle might follow his sexually-charged father's footsteps a little too closely, perhaps siring a little bastard of his own some day. As Mr. McMahon warned him as he prepared to leave with Melina, "Make sure you use protection."

On the brighter side, Hornswoggle showed last week that he could use his McMahon influence to right some wrongs. If not for the little guy, WWE Champion John Cena would have been stripped of his title by a power-drunken and vindictive Jonathan Coachman. Instead, the Acting Raw GM was interrupted by announcer Lilian Garcia, who informed him that not only would The Champ keep his title, but that a Tables Match was to immediately commence between him and Cena, all by order of "Mr. McMahon."

It was sweet justice for Cena, who used the condescending GM as a wrecking ball to demolish a table. "Thank you, Mr. McMahon," The Champ nodded as he glanced up at an approving Mr. McMahon … Hornswoggle McMahon that is.

If Hornswoggle follows his father's "ethically challenged" lead, he may make the lives of his enemies a great deal more uncomfortable. If that's the case, Coachman could expect more run-ins with ringside furniture. And all other Superstars should also watch their backs. Jamie Noble, you've been warned.

Perhaps, however, Hornswoggle will reward those Superstars who've shown him kindness. If so, should his longtime protector, Finlay, expect to find himself awash in free pints of Guinness and title opportunities?

In the coming weeks, Hornswoggle could offer a peek at which direction he plans to guide the WWE vehicle. It should be interesting to see who catches a lift with the little guy and who's left with tire tracks on their back. There's only one way to find out, tune in to Raw on USA Network Monday night at 9/8 CT.

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