WWE Mobile on AT&T: The "Mask"erade

WWE Mobile on AT&T: The "Mask"erade

For weeks, Rey Mysterio has had to deal with Kane's unwarranted hatred, and this week was no different as the Master of the 619 was opposite the Big Red Monster in eight-man tag action.

After Kane's team was victorious, Raw General Manager Mike Adamle made his way to the ring to make an announcement. He revealed he had promised the Big Red Monster that if he led his team to victory, he would grant Kane's wish.

As a man of his word, Adamle granted the Big Red Monster's wish, that as a stipulation to their No Mercy match, if the Ultimate Underdog was defeated, he would have to take off his mask.

Want to see what Mysterio had to say regarding the possibility of losing his mask? You can, but only if you are a part of  WWE Mobile on AT&T. Don't have Ringside yet? Subscribe or switch today.

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