Lilian Garcia attends NHL/FHM party

RAW ring announcer Lilian Garcia stepped out on the town Sept. 28 for the NHL/FHM Game On Party in New York City. Along with celebrities, National Hockey League players and invited guests, Garcia celebrated the NHL preview in the latest FHM magazine, which also features WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke, on the magazine cover.

"Brooke Hogan looks amazing on the new FHM cover. She looks so good. It's cool that it was the FHM party, and Brooke happens to be on the cover, and here I am with it -- I got to hold it up and take some pictures with it for FHM, which was cool," Garcia said.

A big hockey fan, Garcia was very excited to see and touch the Stanley Cup in person. She said she hopes to sing the National Anthem at a NHL game someday, too.

"It was really fun event. I saw actor Tim Robbins. And they brought in the Stanley Cup, so I got to touch it. I even got to kiss it," she laughed. "So that was really neat, especially because when I moved to New York, that was when the Rangers won the Stanley Cup and I remember watching that game and being so excited and then thinking -- wow, here I am, years later, kissing the Stanley Cup, that very Cup I saw them win on TV!"

Photo of Garcia with the Stanley Cup is courtesy of Bryan Bedder, 2006 Getty Images. All other images are Getty Images.


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