The show must go on

Thanks to a technical malfunction at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Monday’s episode of RAW started off in the dark. WWE crews worked quickly to resolve the issue and restore the show to normal working order as quickly as possible.

“This is very rare,” said Director of Remote Technical Engineering Marty Pingree. “This has never happened to this extent before.”

The show began with Lita taking on Candice Michelle in the first match in the Women’s Championship tournament, but neither Diva was distracted by the darkness.

“For all those people who used to say that I am too hot to handle, I think this just shows them how hot I am,” joked Candice after recovering from a vicious spear from Edge. “All the lights went out, the sirens were was something I've never seen before. But hey, even in the dark, I still had a match to worry about."

Likewise, former Women’s Champion Lita would not let a snafu like complete darkness stand in the way of her mission to reclaim her gold.

“It really didn’t phase me,” noted the determined Diva. “I just said ‘well this hasn’t happened in seven years I’ve been here.’ But you know, it’s cool.”


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