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Prior to RAW's main event Monday night, Jonathan Coachman threw a curve ball at everyone when he introduced his former mentor and former boss, Eric Bischoff. Bischoff answered the question that raised when he was spotted wandering around Ford Arena -- "What is he doing here?"

The answer wasn't to verbally abuse Mr. McMahon for "unceremoniously and unjustly" firing him. It was to inform the WWE fans that prior to being fired, he signed a book deal with WWE and that book, Controversy Creates Cash, was now complete.

"I tell the truth about a lot of things, most of which will piss off Vincent Kennedy McMahon," said Bischoff of his new book.

He claimed his tenure in sports-entertainment changed the entire landscape of the business.

"RAW in its current form wouldn't exist without me. There would be no DX without the nWo (referring to a faction in WCW)," he said.

Once Bischoff got into the details of his book that "told the truth about Mr. McMahon" that was all Coachmen needed to hear before rudely cutting him off. That wasn't exactly the interview Coachman was hoping for from his former boss.


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