Raw gets Hardcore with Holly's return

Raw gets Hardcore with Holly's return

MILWAUKEE -- After five months off with a broken arm, Hardcore Holly was ready to make his mark in the ring.

And in a town famous for its beer, trouble was brewing for Cody Rhodes at the hands of the returning ring veteran. As punishment for disobeying Acting General Manager Jonathan Coachman and attacking Randy Orton last week on Raw, Rhodes faced the returning former six-time Hardcore Champion in his first match back.

Holly chided Rhodes in the ring before their match.

"With a name like that, you should be in a boy band and not in a wrestling ring," Holly said. "You don't get my respect based on your name. If you want my respect, you need to earn it."

The young Rhodes didn't back down from the returning veteran, pelting him with punches and dropkicks. But Holly was able to dodge Rhodes' springboard plancha attempt, then finish him off with a powerful Alabama Slam.

With an impressive return, Holly put the Raw locker room on notice that he's back and better than ever.

In other Raw action:

Tag turmoil

Paul London & Brian Kendrick knew that a victory over World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade &Trevor Murdoch in a non-title contest would ensure them a title match next week on Raw. As Kendrick had Murdoch covered for the pinfall, The Highlanders came in and beat down Kendrick & London, causing a disqualification. The Scottish cousins were upset that they weren't granted a title opportunity, and wanted to thwart London & Kendrick's chance for yet another title match.

Italian iced

Santino Marella and Ron Simmons squared off in an attempt to settle their recent rivalry over Santino's girlfriend, Maria. But after taking a pummeling from the former three-time World Tag Team Champion, Marella fled. Maria implored Marella to return to the ring, but Marella took Maria's arm and led her away, conceding the "damn" count-out to Simmons.

Flying high

Beth Phoenix continued to show her dominance over Raw Divas and put Women's Champion Candice Michelle on notice when she and Shelton Benjamin defeated the championship pair of Women's Champion Candice Michelle & Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy. As the men battled outside the ring, the Glamazon hit a distracted Candice from behind, and then flattened her with powerful cradle suplex to pick up the pinfall.

Handicap cage

Triple H came into Raw thinking he'd only have Carlito to deal with inside the 15-foot-high steel cage. But as payback for The Game's humiliating treatment, Mr. McMahon added himself to the cage match and won the match for Carlito and himself, escaping over the top. Story … | Watch the video ...


Hornswoggle had an eyeful of action all night long, pairing up with the vivacious Melina. The A-list Diva seemed interested in the little love machine at first, but then revealed that Coachman had promised her a Women's Championship opportunity if she took the leprechaun out.  Story … | Watch the video ...

Feeling Green

WWE Champion John Cena was told to keep his hands off of Acting Raw GM Jonathan Coachman, but couldn't resist charging through security to get his hands on him. As Coachman prepared to strip Cena of his title, Mr. McMahon stepped in and overruled the GM, ordering him to face The Champ in a Tables Match. But it wasn't the "Mr. McMahon" you might be thinking of. Story … | Watch the video...

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