The game that never ends

The game that never ends

Why can't Mr. McMahon and Triple H just get along?

These two have been at each other's throats on-and-off for eight years now. They have been allies and even in-laws. But for the most part, the Chairman and The Cerebral Assassin have been mortal enemies, playing a never-ending game of one-upmanship -- with another round in their duel set to take place in a one-on-one match Monday on Raw.

And though their showdown is days away, Triple H already suggests little will be settled between them on Monday -- or maybe ever.

"The thing is with Vince, is he's got this power thing where he thinks he's the boss. He likes to tell people what to do," The Game told "I don't think it's any secret that in my career, I've had problems with authority. Around here, Vince is the authority, so we've got a problem. And that problem is not going to go away."

Triple H knows how to push Mr. McMahon's every button. Like a puppeteer, he knows how to make the Chairman growl and crinkle his face in a crazed fury. Hearing Mr. McMahon grumble "I hate you" or "Shut up!" brings a smile to Triple H's face.

Getting under the battlin' billionaire's skin is a favorite pastime of The Cerebral Assassin. He and Shawn Michaels nearly drove the Chairman insane with countless DX pranks. And to Mr. McMahon's chagrin -- and repeated embarrassment -- the fact that a leprechaun, Hornswoggle, is the Chairman's little bastard has provided Triple H with an endless supply of punchlines.

However, the 10-time World Champion has paid a price for his comedy routines. Mr. McMahon hates to be humiliated -- especially by a man he considers a wiseass and degenerate. Last Monday, he hurt Triple H where it hurts him most -- the win-loss column. Out of revenge for the repeated leprechaun jokes, he turned Triple H's one-on-one Raw Steel Cage Match with Carlito into a Handicap Steel Cage Match after he inserted himself in the contest. And then he embarrassed The Game by winning the match and giving him the first blemish on his record since his return at SummerSlam. (WATCH)

That wasn't the first time the Chairman has embarrassed Triple H. Just last year, he defeated an injured King of Kings on Raw at Madison Square Garden. Eight years ago, he arguably gave The Game the most humiliating moment in his illustrious career when he defeated him for the WWE Championship (with a lot of help from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin). And don't forget this: Mr. McMahon has arranged for Triple H to face Umaga -- a man he put on the shelf -- at No Mercy on Oct. 7. (WATCH: Exclusive video on WWE Mobile on AT&T)

The Cerebral Assassin may hate to admit this, but Mr. McMahon arguably knows how to play The Game. Maybe that's why they hate each other so much. They're apparently polar opposites that know each other's buttons too well.

"Triple H is the classic bad boy rebel while Mr. McMahon is an A-type control freak who can't stand any kind of disobedience or not being in control," said Dr. Regina Kattan, a Chicago-based psychologist. "Given their strong personalities, they'll always be like oil and water. Even if they work together for a common goal, they'll always battle for supremacy."

You'd think Triple H and McMahon would be able to get along. They're from the same neck of the woods (Greenwich, Conn.). Both are competitive, and never back down from a challenge. Though he hates authority, Triple H has shown an affinity for wealth and power in his career. Just look at those Armani suits he used to wear as a member of Evolution, and remember the power he wielded when he was married to the boss' daughter Stephanie during the McMahon-Helmsley Era. In some ways, The Game and the Chairman may be more alike than they'd like to admit -- and that can also fuel their mutual animosity.

One thing may be certain: Both Triple H and Mr. McMahon will likely come into Raw with something up their sleeves. The King of Kings has warned that he will not play a game that the Chairman will like on Monday.

"I told Vince that next week, we're on, and he's screwed," he said. "Next week, I'm going to kick Vince's ass."

Still, Triple H better be careful. He knows how resourceful the Chairman can be. That's why their game of human chess has been going on eight years and counting.

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