The Game gets played by Mr. McMahon

The Game gets played by Mr. McMahon

MILWAUKEE  -- All week, Triple H had planned to settle the score between him and Carlito in the 15-foot-high steel cage on Raw. He dreamt of ways to turn the Caribbean Bad Apple into applesauce. But an old rival reared his head to foil The Game's plans, and put the first blemish on Triple H's record since he returned at SummerSlam -- Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon promised on Raw that he would hurt Triple H where it mattered most to him -- in the win-loss column -- for the stinging humiliation he had put the Chairman through over his bastard son, Hornswoggle. He announced that he, the Chairman himself, was going to team with Carlito in a Handicap Steel Cage Match against The Cerebral Assassin, and he guaranteed that he would make Triple H a loser in the Bradley Center.

McMahon made good on his promise. With Carlito running interference on The Game, Triple H struggled throughout the match to keep his eyes on the Chairman, who repeatedly tried climbing out of the cage. As Triple H tried to Pedigree the Chairman, Carlito delivered a crushing Backstabber to The Game's spine.

Carlito tied up Triple H in the corner, allowing the Chairman to climb over the cage in the opposite corner. Despite The Game's efforts to pull McMahon back into the cage, the Chairman was able to slip his grasp, falling to the arena floor for the win. (WATCH)

The Chairman pointed at The Cerebral Assassin, laughing at him mockingly. He had outsmarted one of the best ring strategists in WWE. But what wasn't in the plan was Carlito's escape from the cage.

"You wanna play, Vince?," The Game screamed at the Chairman, who watched from the safety of the aisleway. Triple H then bounced Carlito from cage wall to wall until he was a cracked, bloody apple. The Game then sent a clear message to the Chairman when he Pedigreed the Bad Apple on a steel chair.

As The Game grumbled over his loss, McMahon boasted that he had made the 10-time World Champion a "big looooser."

"I've got his number, and he knows it … the advantage is on my side," McMahon told Acting Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman.

But the Chairman couldn't pack his bags quick enough when Coach told him The Game was on the prowl at the Bradley Center. Triple H found Mr. McMahon just before he was able to escape his dressing room.

"How about next week, you and me, one-on-one, right here on Raw. Put your billion dollars where your mouth is," Triple H said. "Unless you're scared…?"

"You're on," the Chairman reluctantly accepted. 

Triple H grinned, staring a hole through the billionaire. "And you're screwed," he promised.

But who will really be screwed? Find out next week on Raw.

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