Chairman getting last laugh?

Chairman getting last laugh?

MILWAUKEE -- In a shocking development, Mr. McMahon has changed the scheduled Steel Cage Match tonight on Raw between his longtime nemesis, Triple H, and Carlito. The much-anticipated contest will now be a Handicap Steel Cage Match pitting The Game against the Caribbean Bad Apple and his partner… Mr. McMahon!

After suffering weeks of humiliating barbs by Triple H regarding his illegitimate son, Hornswoggle, a vindictive Mr. McMahon appears to have reached the breaking point. The Cerebral Assassin has a long history of humiliating the Chairman, and the battlin' billionaire has had enough.

After (deservedly) being the butt of so many cutting jokes by The Game, will Mr. McMahon finally get the last laugh? Tune in to Raw later tonight and find out.

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