Hot for "Horny"

Hot for "Horny"

Brad Pitt. George Clooney. Hornswoggle? While it's true that Melina toyed with the little guy's emotions last week, wonders whether Hornswoggle's stock with the ladies has soared since it was revealed he's the offspring of Mr. McMahon -- the self-proclaimed genetic jackhammer and self-styled ladies' man.

Below, looks at a few possible reasons for the leprechaun's allure, which could make him simply irresistible:



Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State and a notorious ladies' man, once opined that, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." Not exactly a looker himself, Kissinger may have been on to something. Women often gravitate to men who take charge and exert a measure of control over others. With his newfound power as a decision maker in WWE, Hornswoggle now finds himself able to throw his miniscule weight around and leverage his status as a McMahon. He's a quick learner, saved WWE Champion John Cena from being stripped of the title by Jonathan Coachman and ordered an impromptu Tables Match between The Champ and the hapless Acting Raw GM.



Hornswoggle showed that he was an opportunist when he suddenly entered the Cruiserweight Open at The Great American Bash and Tadpole-Splashed his way to the title. As Cruiserweight Champion, he drove Jamie Noble crazy with ingenuity and mind games to protect his championship. And as anyone who's watched a Bond film knows, women adore a man who can think on his feet, even if those feet are the size of Twinkies. 



( [kuhd-l-ahs-itee]: adj. 1. of such a nature as to attract cuddles; lovable).

At times, Hornswoggle may seem cunning and overzealous, but he's always careful to maintain a high degree of cuddle-ocity, a mix of cuteness and vulnerability. It's these elevated cuddle-ocity levels that may compel women to forgive the lusty leprechaun his transgressions and find themselves longing to be near him.



The intangible. The unknown. That certain something. It helps explain why Angelina Jolie fell stark raving mad for Billy Bob Thornton. It can be difficult to articulate exactly what makes a seemingly ordinary man irresistible, but perhaps it's a strong sense of self, or maybe it's a divine chemical make-up. Either way, the laws of attraction are constantly being violated by men like Hornswoggle, who appeal to woman ostensibly out of their league.

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