Entertainer tonight

Entertainer tonight

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Let him entertain you. And that's just what Hollywood heavyweight Cedric the Entertainer did when he rolled up as Raw's special guest host. The actor, director and round mound of get-down rocked the WWE Universe by arranging a few amazing matches, including one featuring Cedric himself!  

Randy Orton & Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show def. WWE Champion John Cena, MVP & Mark Henry (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The stakes were plenty high before any of the six Superstars set foot in the ring. Randy Orton & Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show were prepared to clash with WWE Champion John Cena, MVP & Mark Henry. As he made his way to the ring, however, Jericho upped the ante. The arrogant Superstar informed Orton that the loser of the match -- either Orton or Cena -- would be forced to compete in a 3-on-1 Gauntlet Match next week; Orton would face Cena, MVP & Henry, while Cena must compete against Orton, Jericho & Show.

As the match got underway, each team seemed bent on proving dominance, especially the two men with the most at stake. As a result, Orton was not about to relinquish any advantage he may acquire so close to WWE Hell in a Cell. With that, The Viper struck, administering an RKO to Henry to claim victory for his team and ensuring that next Monday night, Cena will be staring into the blinding headlights of three runaway tractor trailers each barreling furiously in his direction.

Raw bids farewell to ring announcer and WWE Diva Lilian Garcia (PHOTOS)
After 10 years with WWE, the beautiful Lilian Garcia thanked the WWE Universe and informed everyone that Monday was her final night greeting fans, belting out the national anthem and announcing the start of matches. WWE.com wishes Lilian all the best.

Rev. Al Sharpton to guest host next Monday night's Raw
Hallelujah! The controversial and always entertaining Rev. Al Sharpton is scheduled to act as guest host next week when Monday Night Raw touches down in Albany, N.Y.

Cedric the Entertainer def. Chavo Guerrero (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The humiliation continues. This time, rather than Hornswoggle, it was Cedric the Entertainer who was responsible for disgracing the proud "Mexican Warrior," Chavo Guerrero. Cedric approached the ring in a luchador outfit complete with mask. During the match, Cedric climbed out of the ring and fled underneath the squared circle. When he reappeared, "Cedric" seemed significantly larger than before. Special guest referee Santino Marella appeared clueless to the size shift while the sizeable Cedric then hammered Chavo before hopping back under the ring only to emerge as a significantly smaller masked Cedric -- you might even say he was the size of Hornswoggle. "Ced-swoggle" then hit Chavo with a Tadpole Splash before crawling back under the ring. Then the "real" Cedric popped up and quickly covered the hapless Chavo for the win.

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger (ended in a No Contest) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
United States Champion Kofi Kingston may need a Lo-Jack for his title. While the Jamaican Superstar battled Jack Swagger, that awesome annoyance, The Miz, once again attempted to pinch the gold. Unlike last week, however, "The All-American American" put the kibosh on Miz's plans and ran off with the title himself. While this match ended with no victor, the three will meet again in a Triple Threat Match at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Beth Phoenix def. Divas Champion Mickie James (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Mickie James can't seem to wipe off the bull's-eye on her back. The Divas Champion faced off against Beth Phoenix as the No. 1 contender to her title, Alicia Fox, looked on from ringside. Fox wouldn't stay put for long. The leggy lovely managed to distract the Divas Champion long enough for The Glamazon to take advantage and notch the victory. With the champion dazed, Fox then pummeled Mickie before exiting the ring bearing a self-satisfied grin.

During a WWE Hell in a Cell contract signing, Randy Orton & Unified Tag Team Champs Chris Jericho & Big Show confronted WWE Champ John Cena, MVP & Mark Henry; the two sides will face off in main event (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Some men resort to sly, underhanded and treacherous tricks to achieve their goals. Other men prepare themselves for just such deceit. Such was the case when Randy Orton and WWE Champion John Cena met in the ring to sign the contracts for their WWE Hell in a Cell Match. After emphasizing the fact that Cena has never competed in a Hell in a Cell bout, Orton ushered out Unified Tag Team Champs Chris Jericho & Big Show, who promptly surrounded The Champ. Cena, however, had backup.

MVP & Mark Henry rolled up to show their allegiance to Cena. As the six glared intently at one another, guest host Cedric the Entertainer informed them that despite a "no physicality" clause in the pair's contract, the comedian was going to waive the rule and arrange a match between the two groups at the end of the evening.

The Miz def. Evan Bourne (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The Miz was forced to taste a few drops of his own medicine -- and the egomaniac didn't much care for it. After stealing Kofi Kingston's United States Championship last week, Miz, while being interviewed, found himself on the receiving end of an attack by Kingston, who rightly took back his title. Just minutes after the just desserts were served, however, a still smarting Miz proved his resilience by defeating high-flyer Evan Bourne.

Chavo Guerrero challenged Raw guest host Cedric the Entertainer (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Cedric the Entertainer has long since earned his moniker. The comedian and star of the new DVD, All-Star Comedy Jam, and director of a movie you can help name by clicking here, showed his chops when Santino Marella tried to "audition." While The Milan Miracle bombed, Chavo Guerrero left Cedric in stitches until the comedian finally realized that Guerrero hadn't been losing to Hornswoggle on purpose for the last two months. So incensed was the so-called "Mexican Warrior" that he challenged Cedric. With Marella accepting on his behalf, Cedric would face Guerrero one-on-one.

Triple H vs. Cody Rhodes (ended in a No Contest) (PHOTOS | WATCH | MORE DX)
Be careful what you wish for. That's one lesson among many for The Legacy, who received a dream match-up against DX at WWE Breaking Point and pulled off the biggest upset of their young career. Now, however, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase must face Shawn Michaels & Triple H again at WWE Hell in a Cell inside Satan's Structure.

For his part, Michaels was the first man to win a Hell in a Cell Match while The Game has won more of the sadistic bouts than any other Superstar. Before the teams square off in two weeks, though, The Legacy made quite a statement. Triple H faced Rhodes on Raw as their respective partners looked on. The match devolved, though, when Rhodes & DiBiase slammed Michaels outside of the ring before attacking Triple H with a chair inside the ring. When the duo left The Game immobile in the center of the ring, they submitted one more piece of evidence that they could indeed be the future of WWE.

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