Where in the world is Vincent Kennedy McMahon?

When the WWE fans last saw WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon and his son Shane, they were being wheeled out of the Air Canada Centre on stretchers after their Hell in a Cell Match against DX at Unforgiven.

Today, WWE.com has learned that the Chairman and Shane are resting comfortably, sharing a room in a private American medical facility in an undisclosed location.

Sources at the airport in Toronto told WWE.com that both men were wheeled onto the McMahons’ private jet late Sunday night, and the plane was seen taking off into the night. One official remarked that it was “hard to miss, what with that giant bright green DX logo spray painted on the side and all.”

That DX logo on the plane is just one of many actions DX has perpetrated to publicly humiliate the McMahons in recent months. They’ve defaced numerous pieces of McMahon property (from the private Jet to WWE Headquarters to their limousine), sent roosters to the Chairman’s hotel room and even mocked the McMahons by dressing up and acting out the Chairman’s performance of “Stand Back” at the 1987 Slammy Awards. And in a moment no one will ever forget, they even doused the Chairman, his son Shane and loyal followers the Spirit Squad with human waste during an episode of RAW.

That action was certainly “number two” for DX, who may have done their worst damage to the Chairman at Unforgiven. Near the conclusion of their Hell in a Cell Match, Triple H and Shawn Michaels pulled down Big Show’s trunks, exposing his ample backside. They then grabbed poor Mr. McMahon and pushed him forward, sending the billionaire’s head directly into the 7-foot giant’s ass.

As a result of last night’s festivities, sources close to the McMahon family have told WWE.com that neither the Chairman nor Shane will be at tonight’s RAW in Montreal. While they are obviously still recuperating from the physical injuries they suffered inside Hell in a Cell, they are also recovering from a case of broken pride.

If there can be any consolation for the McMahons, they may be happy to know that window washers finally arrived at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Conn., this morning to clean the DX logo off of the building.

While their physical injuries will heal in time, that may be the first step toward rebuilding their pride. But knowing how much pride the McMahons have to rebuild…will we ever see them on RAW again?

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