Hornswoggle: Where's the love?

Hornswoggle: Where's the love?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- As Peanuts' resident philosopher Charlie Brown once lamented, "Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love." It's a sad sentiment Hornswoggle is becoming all too acquainted with. Despite his best efforts, the illegitimate son of Mr. McMahon just can't seem to make a dent in the Chairman's cold, steel heart.

The leprechaun felt the chill of rejection early on Monday night when Mr. McMahon, who had given Hornswoggle a lift to the Sommet Center, kicked him out of his limousine. Later, the Chairman summoned him to the ring. An excited Hornswoggle arrived to find his father equipped with a set of adoption papers. The Chairman then welcomed the Koskeys, a couple who appeared to be in their 40s and who swooned over Hornswoggle. They claimed they couldn't wait to adopt the "beautiful" little guy and make him part of their family. But Hornswoggle was not at all impressed. (WATCH)

Devastated at the thought of abandonment by Mr. McMahon, Hornswoggle lashed out at his potential adoptive parents, pulling Mr. Koskey's pants down and sinking his teeth into Mrs. Koskey's rear. Once the commotion had settled, though, the couple fled, making it clear that they would not take Hornswoggle off Mr. McMahon's hands. 

"You stay the hell away from me!" Mr. McMahon snarled. "I'm embarrassed that I created you!"

A dejected Hornswoggle bowed his head and moped out of the ring. He wiped tears from his face as the Chairman then directed his venom at the audience for their perceived lack of empathy. But just as his tirade reached a fevered pitch, Triple H's entrance music enveloped the arena.

The Cerebral Assassin, who laughed heartily last week at the revelation of Hornswoggle as the Chairman's little bastard, taunted Mr. McMahon repeatedly. "Did you actually do [Hornswoggle's mom] on the yellow brick road?" asked Triple H, "or did you take her back to Smurf village?"

However, Mr. McMahon attempted to make The Game pay for his taunts. As punishment, the Chairman arranged a Handicap Match that night between Triple H and World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch.

As Mr. McMahon left the Sommet Center and slipped inside his limousine, he had one more surprise awaiting him. As the limo pulled away, Hornswoggle popped out of the trunk and stowed away along with his unsuspecting father.

While Hornswoggle's feelings of affection appear heartfelt, they did little to penetrate through Mr. McMahon's heart of darkness. Will the Chairman ever warm up to his newfound son? Or will he constantly be at odds with the leprechaun?

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